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Michael Dougherty’s ‘Krampus’ Gets Official Ornaments, Tree Topper and Teddy Bear

Krampus Up Your Christmas!

Not only did he deliver one of the best Halloween horror films of all time with Trick ‘r Treat, but Michael Dougherty also brought some Christmas horror magic into our lives with 2015’s Krampus. The holiday horror film introduced Dougherty’s own take on the mythical “Anti-Claus,” while also introducing a host of spooky little helpers.

WETA Workshop designed all of the film’s ’80s-style creatures, and they’re offering up a bunch of Krampus treats to fans this holiday season. For starters, they made a screen-accurate replica of the film’s twisted teddy bear, as well as a sculpture of the “Cherub” that serves as an actual tree topper!

In addition, they’re selling two different packs of ball ornaments that depict the various characters from the film, as well as a replica of the Krampus bell.

Head over to WETA’s website to see more images and place your orders!



  • Nicholas Heath Kinsman

    YESS YESS YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I was so unhappy that the Krampus creature figurines weren’t widely available. This has restored my faith in Xmas!

  • Nicholas Heath Kinsman

    Ps. – I’m still pissed there still isnt a jack-in-the-box collectible.

  • Omg! Amazing!

  • Sky Commander

    Boy are you late to the party I already got the Cherub and it look fucking awesome

  • 1EyeJack

    Love that tree topper – but not so much at $80.

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