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Full Size, Classic Good Guys Doll Prop Coming Halloween 2018!

What? It’s never too early to get excited about Halloween.

Not that anyone’s counting, but we’re 288 days, 9 hours, 33 minutes, 17 seconds away from Halloween, and Trick or Treat Studios has already begun teasing this year’s brand spankin’ new offerings. In addition to the first ever Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 mask and “American Horror Story: Cult” masks, we’re getting a replica Good Guys doll!

A preview page from Trick or Treat’s Halloween 2018 catalog gives us an early look at the doll, which is screen-accurate and based on the original Good Guys doll design.

Fans of the Child’s Play franchise have for MANY years been begging for a high quality, full-size replica of the doll, and Trick or Treat has no doubt done it justice.

They teased, “Additional information and preorders on the Chucky Doll will start in March. Appreciate everyone’s excitement. We are so happy this is finally happening.”

A Child’s Play 2 “evil Chucky mask” is also coming this Halloween season.




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