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TNT Revives ‘Tales From the Crypt’ in New Horror Block!

Image courtesy of HBO

While there are a few films that got me into horror, nothing had a greater impact than HBO’s “Tales From the Crypt,” their anthology television series, hosted by the Crypt Keeper, adapted from various EC Comics stories.

While we still don’t have Blu-ray or HD releases of the series that ran from 1989-96, and spawned two movies, TNT is looking at reviving the franchise with horror maestro M. Night Shyamalan – yes, the director best known for The Sixth Sense and the more recent The Visit and “Wayward Pines” (both of which were awesome).

TNT has ordered a two-hour horror block curated by Shyamalan and led by “Tales From the Crypt,” reports TheWrap.

What exactly does this mean? Well, here’s some info.

While details about the programming block are scarce, the two hours are set to consist of short- and long-form storytelling. The “Tales From the Crypt” segment will be based on the original and feature new stories — all exec produced by Shyamalan and his Binding Edge Pictures partner, Ashwin Rajan. The night is expected to include such elements as “Tales” stories, a serialized one-hour anthology that could potentially be several episodes at the end of a season as well as other yet-to-be determined content.

Set to launch in the fall, TNT is expected to announce additional series to be featured in the horror block in the coming months!

“I couldn’t be more excited to be teaming up with Kevin Reilly, Sarah Aubrey and the entire TNT team in this unique endeavor. To be part of such a beloved brand like ‘Tales From the Crypt,’ something I grew up watching, and to also have the chance to push the boundaries of genre television as a whole, is an inspiring opportunity that I can’t wait to dive into,” stated Shyamalan.

The TNT entry marks the latest incarnation of horror anthology “Tales”. The series originated as a 1950s EC Comics series created by William Gaines. In addition to Shyamalan and Rajan, James D. Stern (Looper, Freeheld) will exec produce via his Endgame Entertainment. Aloris Entertainment’s John Santilli (The English Teacher) and Dan McKinnon (Missing William) will also executive produce. The original comics spawned multiple seasons of the cult classic for HBO and became a worldwide brand.



  • eli

    I was a little worried at first seeing that this will air on TNT, considering the mature content of the HBO series. Then I realized there’s almost no more boundaries on cable (or even broadcast) TV, so this could be good.

    Edit: Really really hope John Kassir is involved. Can’t see a Cryptkeeper without him.

    • TH3J4CK4L

      You have to remember HBO took liberties with the source material to make it HBO quality. The original comic was geared towards kids. If anything I think HBO smothered it by not choosing stories properly that couldn’t be fit into HBOs structure of sex and violence. That being said ,the original show had some pretty good episodes and each season was good,except for the dreadful last one which stood out as the end of the series dying in terms of stories and location 🙂

      • Mike Almond

        I agree except I don’t really feel saying the comics were geared towards kids is accurate.

        • TH3J4CK4L

          You have to remember that when laid alongside the TV show they were tame in terms of blood,were their subject matters grim and the twists shocking,yes,but no more so an average western film of that era or Grimms fairy-tales.When Looking at the show however it tried to fit HBO ,leaving very little of EC.DC comics had some other good collections in the style of EC. I remember buying 3 volumes of The House Of Mystery. It’s just for different audiences as the years go by, Kids got Tales from the crypt and we as adults got a different take.

  • pablitonizer

    As long as the crypt keeper remains as it is, NO CGI…. then it’s an OK for me

    • eli

      Oh man, didn’t even think of that possibility. That would kill it for me. Also, no cgi at all. Keep the blood & monsters practical.

      • pablitonizer

        That’s the only thing that REALLY disturbs me…regarding the stories, I think Shyamalan can make fun & good ones with his famous “twists”

  • Seal Clubber

    Sweet !!

  • The only thing that could perfect this is BRING BACK MONSTERVISON! I could t imagine how awesome it would be have new Tales followed late into the night by Briggs.

  • Lunid

    This could be a very good thing. There were so many good stories that did not get love the first time around. Please don’t mess this up!

  • Trey Cox

    This is the news that I’ve been waiting for! I REALLY hope John Kassir is still involved. Also, the theme music hopefully stays the same.

  • Richter Belmont

    That’s one hellavu twist!

    I’d love to see them use the Vault Keeper and the Old Witch, too. I wonder how far they will be able to push the episodes in terms of content though on TNT? On HBO they had nudity and some swearing.

    • eli

      Violence/gore & sex shouldn’t be an issue. Nudity (except maybe ass) is probably a no-go. Anything but using “fuck” or “cunt” should be acceptable. There were a few pretty strong eps (People Who Live In Brass Hearses, Forever Ambergris, On A Deadman’s Chest, etc), but overall I don’t see them having to fight too much with censorship.

      And TH3J4CK4L below makes a very a good point.

    • 1EyeJack

      If AHS Hotel is any indication, they can get away with quite a bit on TV these days.

  • Trey Cox

    Kassir says he is just learning about this as well.

  • Mike Almond

    My question is are the stories going to be original EC tales or new stories. There’s no reason to call it TFTC if it’s newly written yarns other than getting old fans of the TV show show to watch it. Do they even have the rights to the original comic stories? That would probably be a deal breaker for me. I hope they don’t screw it up!

  • Jimmy Cthulhuhan

    The pee in my pants tells me that I am happy about this.

  • trac ingr

    Well, if they needed to find a way to ruin something, putting m night shamalamadingdong on it is the right way to go.

    • Ravinus

      lol. so true

  • Vader the White

    Hello, boils and ghouls!
    Part of me is excited as I love Tales from the Crypt. I remember it being on when I was very little and being freaked out by ol’ Crypty (I didn’t stay in the room long enough to realize that he’s funny as hell, with a dark sense of humor I’ve always had, even when I was little). When I graduated from high school, I used some of the money that relatives gave me to buy all seven seasons. Despite the fact it has been four-and-a-half years later, I still need to watch some of the later seasons (i.e., when it started to have a drop in quality).
    As long as it has its twisted sense of humor, ironic twists, and the return of the Cryptkeeper (with John Kassir, damn it), we should be good to go.

  • Gadriel

    Not sure if anyone else has pointed this out, but the show spawned THREE movies (and that doesn’t include the Amicus one from the 70s).

    Demon Knight.
    Bordello Of Blood.

    • biloki

      It should be noted as well that the Frighteners was also supposted to be another Tales From the Crypt movie.

      • Doctor Flickenstein

        As well as From Dusk Til Dawn at one point.

  • C.L.

    I’m aware this is M Night and it’ll be on TNT but I’m legit excited about this. Just bought the season box sets and was thinking this should be put back on TV

  • Kenny718

    What is this TnT nonsense… back in the day tales from the crypt was not only awesome for its stories but it was also a great place to see nudity… not to mention the F bombs here and there were great too… now that it’s on TnT they better come up with some grreeeaaatttt stories to make up for the lack of nudity and cussin

    • dwerenat

      With Shyamalan at the helm it will never happen.

      • Kenny718

        He’s that bad

    • Knuxie

      Or they could stay true to the comics, instead of coming up with their own stories 😛

  • Knuxie

    It’s a horror “bloc” not “block” the same way your house is located on a “bloc” and you have “bloc” parties.

    Blocks are used to build things.

    • Chris Church

      You are actually incorrect. You have “block” parties. 1 square part of a neighborhood is a “block.” NRA members are a voting “bloc.” Environmentalists are another voting “bloc.” This is a “block” of horror, as in a collection or group. Last one closely resembles “bloc,” but “block” is the proper term.

  • Jamie Leece

    This sort of anthology show might actually be a good fit for M. Night Shyamalan’s “What a Twist!” style.

  • DarklingMagick

    have mixed feelings because of his history but his experience with Are
    you Afraid of the Dark? might help. One thing is for sure. It had damn
    well better have Crypty (The Crypt Keeper). It’s not actual Tales from
    the Crypt without him. I heard rumors that they might leave out The
    Crypt Keeper. And if they do leave him in he had better be practical
    effects, not CG.

  • Taboo

    Kassir better be up on this shiet!

  • Khy

    I’m interested to see what other shows will be included in this “horror block”. If done right this could be great. Watching 2-3 horror shows on the same network one right after the other? Sign me up. As long as they’re good…
    Jury still out on M. Night taking on this.

  • Soldier

    so how are we gonna get to see some tits if it’s on tnt?

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