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‘Ghost Wars’ or Gross Wars? Here’s the Trailer for Syfy’s New Series #SDCC

Syfy brought first images and a trailer for “Ghost Wars”, a paranormal action series that will reteam the network with “Van Helsing” producer Nomadic Pictures, to the San Diego Comic-Con. Outside of some gnarly shots, the teaser is incredibly boring and even more so cheesy. Perfect for Syfy, I guess?

Vincent D’Onofrio (Sinister), Kim Coates (Silent Hill, Resident Evil: Afterlife), Avan Jogia, Kristin Lehman and Meatloaf topline the 10-episode series, which like “Van Helsing” will premiere in the U.S. on Syfy and elsewhere globally on Netflix in 2017.

Set in a remote Alaskan town that has been overrun by paranormal forces, the series focuses on local outcast Roman Mercer (Jogia) who must overcome the town’s prejudices and his own personal demons if he’s to harness his repressed psychic powers and save everyone from the mass haunting that’s threatening to destroy them all.

Simon Barry (“Continuum”, “Van Helsing”) created the series and will serve as showrunner, with production underway now in Vancouver.

David Von Ancken directed the pilot; other episodic directors include Leslie Hope, Michael Nankin, Mathias Herdndl, Jason Priestley and Barry. Nomadic Pictures’ Chad Oakes and Mike Frislev are executive producing with Barry, Dennis Heaton and Von Ancken.



  • PrimitiveScrewhead

    This looks pretty awesome!

  • GunsOfNavarone

    I like SyFy and enjoy Van Helsing, but this looks bad. Something is off in the trailer, if they were going for atmosphere there isn’t one.

  • Dr Manhattan

    Is nobody going to talk about the fact that it’s a copy of Outcast?

    • Main character Roman also reminds me so much of the character Emery Waterman from Rose Red. A cynical psychic guy who sees dead people and ghosts everywhere he goes and is bored to death of it, sees his “gift” as a curse, outcasted by everyone around him (excluding one person or so) and he just wants to brood and be anti-social.

  • Elizabeth

    I thought Blood Drive was going to be awful too and it’s one of my favorite shows now. Between The Magicians, The Expanse, Killjoys and Wynonna Earp, SyFy is putting out some good television. “Boring” and “cheesy” doesn’t seem to be the goal anymore.

    • Yes. I’ve to disagree with Brad on this one (except the dialogue was super cheesy). It looks great. I got some serious Fulci vibes from the trailer.

      • Elizabeth

        I’ve noticed some of their more sarcastic shows sound cheesy when I first watch and then they grow on me like fungus.

      • Sister Ruth

        Holy shit, you’re right! It has that gloomy off-kilter Fulci feel. Sold!

    • Lino

      Blood Drive is SO good.. It’s dumb, but knows it.

      • Sister Ruth

        Blood Drive is such a pleasant surprise. Fake Grindhouse almost never works for me but this is great. Just over-the-top enough. I only wish I could see a whole episode in that worn out VHS look they usr for the previews.

  • Otterlee

    Zombies, pod people, a slasher, medical malpractice, possession, this show will have it all. A bit ambitious for them IMO.

  • Brad Miska doesnt know good horror if it hit him in the face….unless the Studio Pays him

  • Mm. I gotta say it: Good premise.. well, a very interesting premise, but horrible execution. The funniest thing is that it prides itself on interpreting the paranormal through the eyes of different perspectives, but seems to fail in taking any of the perspectives serious enough to feel authentic (like a college kid who has to write a 12 page paper on a subject they don’t really care about; the paper will deal with the subject, but in a very lazy and awkward way). I suppose one could argue that it would potentially put you ‘in the mind of’ the cynical main character, Roman, but it wouldn’t do well for the story overall (it’d feel like the show itself is tired and annoyed of itself). The script feels raw, tasteless, and tactless.. which works well for many productions when the entire story is presented in that light/aesthetic, but Ghost Wars doesn’t give off that vibe. It’s like it’s trying to but doesn’t quite know how. Also feels like it doesn’t know if it’s a dark comedy or a “horror” show and you can’t really tell if it knows it doesn’t know or not. If that makes sense. I already wouldn’t watch it just for the cussing alone, but just can’t trust the quality of a production when it uses blood and gore so liberally. Blood and gore is better as a garnish in horror, to embellish certain deaths and having it so abundant in the show will just make it (unintentionally) comical and tiresome for the viewer.

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