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Blumhouse and AMC’s “Wicked West” Will Tell True Wild West Horror Tales

If the upcoming projects they announced at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour over the weekend are any indication, AMC is leaning heavy on the horror in 2018 and beyond. And that doesn’t exactly surprise us, as they’ve had great success with both “The Walking Dead” and its spinoff.

In addition to several new fiction series’ that fall into the horror genre, AMC also announced forthcoming non-fiction project “Wicked West.

Produced by Blumhouse Television, the horror anthology uncovers the most frightening and disturbing tales from the Wild West.

And they’re all true.

“Wicked West” utilizes Blumhouse’s chilling cinematic style on this weekly series, telling stories of sadistic serial killers, murderous black widows, bloodthirsty family clans, and local legends laced with the supernatural. With a tense horror, modern cinematic style, “Wicked West” brings a haunting approach to the untold stories of the bloodbath known as the American West.

Jason Blum, Jeremy Gold and Marci Wiseman will produce for Blumhouse Television.



  • MaryMaria

    Awesome, I’m looking forward to this one! Horror x Westerns? Yes, please!

  • Matt

    Sounds good, count me in!


    Adapt Ketchum’s Luck!

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve been reading more of the “weird western” genre lately and I love the rare horror Western movie (loved The Burrowers and Ravenous. And Bone Tomahawk was royally f*cked up). I would have watched more of the Saint Of All Killers origin story, if AMC had made it. Hopefully this will be good.

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