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So What’s Going On With “Ash vs Evil Dead” Season 3?

Specifically, when the hell is it premiering?

Given that Starz hasn’t yet announced the premiere date for Season 3 of “Ash vs. Evil Dead, rumors have been swirling around the horror community that it won’t kick off in the Fall like the previous two seasons did. Some fans are even worried about what that means for the future of the series, if it indeed has been bumped.

So what’s the deal here? Well, Bruce Campbell just took part in a brief interview with Red Carpet Crash, and he addressed the elephant in the room… as best he could.

When you hear the date, let me know,” Campbell joked. “Starz has said a couple different things, about possibly shifting the premiere date to try and get a cleaner slot within the year. So we don’t know. It’ll either be Fall or first quarter 2018… is my guess.”

From what we gather, the shift to 2018 is likely, and we can only speculate (based on Campbell’s comments) that it may have something to do with Starz wanting to separate “Ash vs. Evil Dead” from “Stranger Things” and “The Walking Dead” a bit. After all, they’ll be dominating the Fall season, which is normally when “Ash vs. Evil Dead” is airing.

During the same interview, Campbell promised that Season 3 is going to be a game-changer.

We blew the doors off with episodes 9 and 10 this season,” Campbell noted. “At the end of Season 3, hopefully you will have to pick your jaw up off the floor when you see what we’ve done. It’s pretty big. Nothing will ever be the same by the end of this season.”

Filming on “Ash vs. Evil Dead” Season 3 wrapped this past June.



  • qwef

    Inb4 Episodes 9-10 are the tie in with Mia and Evil Dead 2013

    • sixfeetdownsouth

      Hope not

      • qwef

        I fucking hope YES

        • Weresmurf

          Hell yeah I hope so. It’d be awesome if it did.

          • Darren Stone

            If it’s for that reason (has been rumoured in the past that ash and remake girl would join up) then the wait is justified. But starz have majority balls up before (torchwood anyone) so I’m a little nervous till I hear some more news

        • Necro

          Now that would be fucking killer!

      • Yakushiji Tenzen

        yeah no kidding, keep that trash movie away from Evil Dead.

        • sixfeetdownsouth

          i might be alone in saying that the Ash v. E.D. Series is also junk. But it’s the truth.
          If Sam Raimi had any respect for what gave him a career, he would respect the material by staying true to it.
          Now it’s just getting drunk and weed jokes. Playing to who they think the fans are.

    • Jérémy Kuprowski

      Oh god please no. The remake was enjoyable in its own right (mostly due to the gore effects) , but keep it out of the mythos of the original serie.

      Evil Dead true and only hero is Ash Williams.

      • qwef

        Well im sorry you feel this way about the remake but to plenty of people it was FANTASTIC and much deserving of a continuation.

        As well as Mia’s character was badass and left plenty of possibilities for her story to develope.

        Fans have been asking for the crossover for years, hope it happens.

        • The One and Only

          Hell,Bruce Campbell was even saying there was going to be an EVIL DEAD’13/ARMY OF DARKNESS crossover at one point, and people were so excited they were about to squirt. But Campbell later backed off on that comment. With the news of him having a daughter, a lot of people were hoping she was going to be played by Jane Levy.

          • qwef

            I mean it would be too perfect of an opportunity (Mia being Ash’s daughter) for them to waste it.

            I mean i’m not huge on the whole “Ash has a daughter” thing to beggin with and i would rather they didn’t do it at all and introduced Mia’s character another way but since they ARE doing it after all…it better not be another random actress that they cast just for the TV show and they say ” Well this is Ash’s daughter now”.

            Give us Mia! Fans have been asking for this crossover for a while, Sam , Bruce and Fede have all teased the crossover happening while the show was on the air even! and Mia (Jane Levy) has proven to do a damn great job with the character and has already developed somewhat of a cult following within the cult following that Evil Dead already has.

            So why not?

  • Grimphantom

    It’s understandable since we are getting a ton of horror movies these days.

  • pablitonizer

    What a mess! Netflix announced ST premiering by fall last year, at least STARZ should have seen it coming and move it before fall, as summer season fun. Can’t believe we’re gonna have to wait till 2018 for 3rd season, how can a TV series not have a season for an entire year? if they go this route then they’ll kill Ash and will be done with season 4. This is series-killer decision imo

    • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

      It’s not unusual for a Tv show to do this.

      • pablitonizer

        Could you please provide me an example? I’m seriously mad at this, I believe this makes people lose interest. if you don’t trust your own product what can u expect from audience reaction?

        • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

          Family Guy:
          Season 2: 1999 – Season 3: 2001 – Season 4: 2005 (Rating nearly doubled from season 3 to season 4)

          It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:
          Season 9: 2013 – Season 10: 2915 (Ratings went up)

          Curb Your Enthusiasm:
          Season 3: 2002 – Season 4: 2004
          Season 5: 2005 – Season 6: 2007
          Season 7: 2009 – Season 8: 2011
          Season 9: 2017 (Starting this October, ratings Season 8 better than Season 7)

          The Sopranos:
          Season 4: 2002 – Season 5: 2004 – Season 6: 2006 (Ratings down)

          Rick and Morty:
          Season 1: 2013 – Season 2: 2015 – Season 3: 2017
          (Ratings about the same on Seasons 1 & 2)

          The Wire:
          Season 3: 2004 – Season 4: 2006 – Season 5: 2008
          (No info on ratings)

          Season 1: 2010 – Season 2: 2012 – Season 3: 2014 – Season 4: 2017

          Trailer Park Boys:
          Seven years between Season 7 & 8, Season 12 is currently filming.

          • Damn. That wait for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia must’ve been killer! Er, well, it will be.

          • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

            Wops! Haha, fixed it.

          • mark long

            You forgot the one happening right now…Game of Thrones. Pushed back to the Summer and premieres to record viewership. AND now they are saying the final season might not show until 2019!

          • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

            Game of Thrones doesn’t count yet, as he asked for examples of shows that had an entire year without a season. Game of Thrones was delayed for a few months, there’s been a season every years since it started.

          • aaron

            Family Guy doesn’t belong in this list. It was legit cancelled. It was brought back due to viewer demands/petitions.

        • Kevin Lovell

          Both ‘Homeland’ and ‘Westworld’ recently went over a year without a season. Homeland had no season in 2016 and Westworld had no season in 2017. There are two examples of other premium cable shows that are immensely popular and did the same thing.


    That seems kind of odd. People can only handle one horror-themed series at a time? It’s not like Ash v. Evil Dead had to debut the same week as season 2 of Stranger Things, which doesn’t start until October 27. Last season, Ash v. Evil Dead started on October 2. If they had kept to that same schedule, they would’ve had most of October to themselves before Stranger Things began.

    Besides that, people don’t watch Netflix the same way they do regular episodic TV. You could basically binge the entire season of Stranger Things during the week between episodes of Ash v. Evil Dead.

    I wonder if the delay is really because of the behind-the-scenes turmoil and DiGregorio’s sudden departure. After all, movie studios sometimes come up with face-saving reasons to delay releases when the real reason is poor test-screenings or other production issues. Maybe the change in showrunners has put Starz behind schedule or caused other problems, and they’re trying to downplay it.

    • qwef

      Tbh Bruce doesn’t seem to be as confident on the next season of the show as he was previous seasons.

      And STARZ not trusting AvED to compete with Stranger Things isn’t the best news.

      • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

        It’s not news, it’s speculation from the writers of the article. In the interview this article is based on Bruce mentions that Starz has recently been bought by Lionsgate and so their bosses now have bosses.

  • James Jeans

    Why would they be trying to get out of the way of a Netflix binge series? I wouldn’t think they’d be in competition in any way. Maybe they’re more worried about The Walking Dead?

  • Elizabeth

    I might be in the minority, but I didn’t like the second season nearly as much as the first. I just didn’t care as much about the secondary characters (although Lee Majors was awesome).

    • Creepshow

      Lee Majors was a ‘flash in the pan” in this show. Just when you were getting used to him and liking him more, BAM his head gets smushed. It took so long to see Lee on screen again, and then he was gone. Such a wasted opportunity. The puppet was unnecessary too.

      • Elizabeth

        I think they were trying to outdo the gross factor from the first season and everything else took a back seat.

    • Hank_Henshaw

      I was on board for most of season 2, but the last couple of episodes were a huge letdown. It wass no surprise when it was revealed there were problems behind the scenes.

  • Gjk2012

    Man if they don’t start season 3 at least before Friday the 13th of October they will fuck up big time! Not many times in everyone’s lifetime does Friday the 13th land in October. Maybe 4 or 5!

  • Francesco Falciani

    it’s not a good news…but i knew it since lionsgate bought starz. this will be the last time for ash

  • Runciter

    with the showrunner change of last season, this is worrying news :/

  • The fact that Starz is not even commenting on what the hell is going on with this show and Bruce hasn’t said a whole lot (the man usually hypes this show daily) has me really down. As if Starz plans on dumping this to January and swiftly canceling the show afterwards. While not a huge performer for them, I figured it did well enough to keep it going. The only other show on Starz I’m currently interested in is American Gods. Though if Starz cancels Ash VS Evil Dead just like that without even wrapping up the storyline then I’ll definitely be canceling my Starz subscription. It would be wise for Starz or somebody to give some sort of update on the status of the show and to reassure fans that things are not in a grim positions but since that is not happening and the show is just MIA completely leads me to do nothing but to speculate that Starz is looking to cancel and move on.

  • Jérémy Kuprowski

    I think it’s a good idea. It’s already surprising (but amazing) the serie got more than a single season, judging by how “cult but somewhat niche” the whole Evil Dead franchise is. I don’t care much about Stranger Things, even less about the Walking Dead, but if it allow AvED to breath a bit more, I’m not against it at all.

    They kinda jumped the shark with the last two episodes though (as Bruce somewhat pointed out?). Not to the point of ruining everything, but it was really a far cry of what we had before. The references were nice, so was the humor, but it really ruined a lot for me…Storywise I mean.

    And now with the idea of Ash having a daughter, I’m really scared they could damage that even further.

    We’ll see. As long as we keep the trio, it should be at least enjoyable to watch!

    • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

      I thought the final two episodes were pretty great, except for maybe the last 30 seconds, but it wasn’t that big of a deal to me at least. What did it ruin for you?

      • Jérémy Kuprowski

        The pace of the season. It almost felt as it didn’t belong in S2 and was shoehorned as a last minute replacement (which it was, considering the writer’s departure). It also wasted the time travelling opportunity… Of course, going back to the middle ages would have been very costly (and hard to justify), but here it was really an easy way to insert many references to the trilogy and very little else…

        It also made the death of Pablo very light. Of course he wouldn’t stay dead. He’s such an important and loved character. But I believed he should have been revived during season 3 to give more impact to his demise. Here, we already knew as soon as we read Episode 2.9′ synopsis that he was going to be ressurected…

        Not to mention Ash that, as fun as it was, having Ash kill his Father before he can say anything was anticlimactic. Same when he had his new hand cut right after he got it back…

        It’s like they had a lot of opportunities to explore and yet did nothing with them. Not to mention the end of Episode 2.10 really felt like a whole other serie altogether! Seriously!? Ash being hailed as the hero, seeing the holograms of his dead family?!

        No really. The first 8 episodes of S2 were absolutely great. Among my favourites in TV-serie. But I’m very very worried now…

        • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

          I felt the exact same way about the death of Pablo. If they would’ve ended the season without him us fans would’ve been actually worried for real and then he could’ve been brought back in the first couple of episodes in season 3.

          I loved the hand thing though, Ash has missed that hand for about thirty years, finally gets a second chance and almost immediately the universe says NOPE!

          I’m not too worried personally, as a whole the series has had too much weird shit going on that I feel justified in judging it. Apart from the first movie, Evil Dead has never taken itself very seriously.

          The whole issue of continuity and everything kind of fell out the window with the first two where Ash and his friends go to the cabin and find the book in the cellar and then it’s just Ash and his girlfriend and the book is on the first floor and what happened to his sister and friends? But wait, thirty years later his sister that may or may not have been there comes back from the dead….

          I kind of just try to turn off my brain as much as possible and enjoy the ride for what it is; more new adventures with Ash than I ever thought I’d ever get.

          • John Connor

            The first two movies were separate timelines.
            That was established when Ash sees himself on the pages.

            There’s continuity so far.

          • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

            By that logic Evil Dead 2 is in another timeline so he didn’t go back in time and Army of Darkness never happened here and as it has been referenced that he went back to the medieval times that theory is debunked. Ash even ponders in the show where he found the book (“..or did I find it in the cellar with Scottie?”)

          • John Connor

            Evil Dead 2 established that (another timeline Ash) already went to the past before (possibly ‘The Evil Dead’ Ash).
            The evil rushed him in Evil Dead 2, just like it did in The Evil Dead, meaning that some form of similar events happened that launched him to medieval times.

            Let me spell it out for you:

            The Evil Dead happens, Ash goes through a series of events that might be similar to what we see in Evil Dead 2, events happen and Ash goes back in time to help the primitive screwheads.
            A new timeline is created when Ash went back in time.

            Evil Dead 2 happens in this timeline and Ash goes back in time, like The Evil Dead Ash did.
            A new timeline is created when this Ash goes back in time.

            Army Of Darkness happens (we see a new Ash playing out events similar to Evil Dead 2 at beginning and then fulfilling the loop that is happening.
            A new timeline is created when this Ash goes back in time.
            Ash jumps forward and intercepts Linda (that was Linda at S-Mart played by a different actress, look at her nametag. And the actress confirms she’s playing Bridget Fonda’s Linda because Bridget was too busy to participate for that reshot ending).
            But what of the other ‘wet-behind-the-ears’ Ash in this timeline.
            The one that doesn’t have any recollection of these events?
            We never find out (at least not yet).

            Ash Vs. Evil Dead is clearly a new Ash that experienced events similar to the previous Ashs.
            In this Ash’s past, he went with his friends to a cabin in Michigan (unlike the cabin being in Tennessee with his friends in the first film).
            His friends going (and dying) is confirmed by the towns’ folks of Elk Ridge.

            AVED Ash then goes back in time as seen at the end of Season 2.
            He remembers two different places he saw the book, because he’s taking on the memories of the Ash that’s forming in the new timeline he created by going back in time.
            He is becoming the future version of whatever is going to happen to the current timeline’s Ash in 30 years.
            Hence his hand growing back when he does something drastic that changes the future.
            This current timeline’s Ash ends up not going into the cabin, so he never loses his hand.
            That is why (in the original planned Season 2 ending, which I kinda wish they did) Kelly could have transformed into Ash’s daughter (because Ash would have replaced her father, sperm-wise, in the past, affecting Kelly as she would become in this new future).

            When Ash goes into the cabin (2×09) and tries to remember where he found the book, he’s remembering two different timelines.
            In the timeline he comes from, he went to the cabin with his friends and may have found the book in the cellar.
            But in this timeline, young Ash (that we never see) probably goes with just his girlfriend (or friends, it doesn’t really matter) and finds the book on the table.
            Because things slightly alter each time around with Ash going back in time (probably earlier and earlier to erase the previous-timeline Ash already being there in that past).

            That’s why they can easily kill Ash off (permanently) and just start following a new or earlier Ash.

          • Jérémy Kuprowski

            That would also expand the theory which says that all Williams are time-travelers (as implied by Brock, who REALLY wants to tell something to Ash)

          • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

            As fan theories go, that’s pretty elaborate but unfortunately that’s all it is; a fan theory.

            As Mr. Campbell himself has stated:

            I guess it’s not too late to implement it into the lore, but officially, as of yet, it’s the same Ash in the same cabin in both Evil Dead 1 and 2 and that Ash is the one going to the medivals. Campbell has even stated that you shouldn’t think too much about timelones and continuity when it comes to this franchise, as recently as a discussion about the Season 2 finale about how they all got home again and how he’s even a hero even though supposedly he’s now fixed things and no one really died after all.

          • John Connor

            Doesn’t matter what anyone says, that’s what’s in the films.
            You can interpret it however you like, but logically, what I’m saying makes the most sense (if anyone wants to interject with something that makes more sense within the on-screen universe, please do).
            Sam Raimi could (and probably has) said something different than Campbell about it.
            Another actor can say something else.
            And like many of these things, producers change their story all the time because their sole purpose in all these interviews is to promote and sell a product.

            The art itself has the final say.
            Commentary does not determine what is and isn’t in a universe.
            “All worthy work is open to interpretations the author did not intend. Art isn’t your pet — it’s your kid. It grows up and talks back to you.”

          • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

            You say “that’s what in the films” but it is, ultimately, your interpretation.
            It’s what YOU take out of the events of the story told so far. If you really mean what your pretentious quotes say, there is no definite truth, only interpretation, and yours differ from mine and it differs from the creators’ and the whole argument is left moot.

            Season 3 of the show is coming though, so the story is not over yet, the artwork as a whole is not yet finished.

          • Jason Adamczyk

            With all the inconsistencies with the continuity I think what makes the most sense is Ash being and unreliable narrator. He remember some of what happens with all he’s been through not to mention the drugs and alcohol that’s why there are the discrepancies. I know that it’s mostly right’s issues and just pure lack of caring by the director as some of these things could be avoided but that’s how I retcon it. Especially doing it in Ash vs Evil Dead they went with Evil Dead 2 as the reference in Season one only to change it up in Season 2 and use both.

          • Adam St Clair

            I read all that…. and followed it…
            Now I get the whole thing…
            But, the rest of my head is messed up, possibly beyond repair.

        • John Connor

          Episode 9 was fucking amazing. It was the last episode that undid that awesome.

  • American Atheist

    They don’t want Ash going up against Stan. /s

  • AdamX

    There is room for everyone in our little horror landscape!

  • Ash VSam Raimi.

    Ohh the hype.

  • Please. Stop using the word game-changer. Bad stuff streams from that word.

  • Tyler Farley

    Please, PLEASE, don’t let the delay be because STARZ lost faith in the show and plan on canceling , and instead be because they want to properly get THIS on screen:

    Lets not forget, Fede Alverez and Sam Raimi both VERY publicly expressed their intentions of having Ash’s franchise and Mia’s eventually crossover, with Levy expressing interest as recently as 2016 during press junkets for Don’t Breath, and Bruce said he was very much open to it last year during a twitter Q&A.

    Jane Levy’s had a busy filming schedule as of late, maybe they’re trying to accommodate her schedule but don’t want to spoil it for fans?

    • qwef

      Ok this one was a great edit and i almost thought it was legit for a second..

      • Tyler Farley

        Glad to know my art degree isn’t a total waste. lol

        • qwef

          yeah but i got excited just to be let down in seconds :'(

          • Tyler Farley

            Oh no! maybe I should’ve included a disclaimer! oops

    • Justin McGill

      No.. because filming WRAPPED in June. This is literally Starz holding the series back.

  • mamajama49

    I’ve been a fan since it started I have all the movies in vhs and DVDs when I heard it was season 2 was airing I got starzs for those 10 episodes and can’t wait to see season three but whennnnnn???? Can’t get enough of Bruce Campbell his a big kid .

  • Nocturna Divine

    I swear to god, if STARZ screws this show up I will never forgive them.

    • J Wilson

      The first season was great with a pretty weak episode 10.
      Season two was good – crazy, with a handful of awesome moments – but the last episode was a real cock up.
      (seriously, apparently none of Ash’s history with the Deadites happened, so why is Cheryl dead? Who killed his dad?) So if changing it up helps them stick the landing, I’m all for it.

  • John Connor

    Simmmer down, this is not worrying news, its actually great.

    They are trying a new time for the show and the main reason is that Starz has no shows for early 2018, so they need something there and their Fall is already full.

    This puts AVED away from Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays into a solid non-interruptus period with early 2018 all to itself which might mean more promotion.

    And this also allows people to buy and watch (catch up on) the two seasons on Bluray. And then they have time to tell their friends and then they’ll all be like, “Bro, Dude, when does the new season start?”
    “In like a month.”
    “Bro, I think I’m gonna get Starz, bro!”

  • Mike Adams

    looks like they are spending more money this time in post-production

  • Hey drop it when ever, I’ll be there. I’m good either way if I get weekly Stranger Things & Ash vs Evil Dead or not

  • Korahn

    Just send it directly to blu ray. forget the tv thing 🙂 and on a side note – I’ll also happily take a soundtrack of the show’s licensed tracks

  • Jason Adamczyk

    The Continuity is just such a mess. They need to pick either Evil Dead 1 or 2 and Army of Darkness. So Season one they went with Evil Dead 2 with Linda returning and the Tool shed. Then Season 2 they seemed to go with Evil Dead as the origins with Cheryl returning. Then nope they brought back Henrietta they are all over the map. Cheryl doesn’t go to the cabin with Ash in Evil Dead two so that contradicts the continuity again.

    • Jacob Ferris

      The opening of Evil Dead II is just a short recap. Scotty and Cheryl both were actually going to be in that opening scene, but I’m not too sure why they didn’t. Evil Dead II picks up where the first left off.

      • Jason Adamczyk

        I know that’s what they like to say but it doesn’t make sense just him and Linda driving to the cabin and it’s just those two in the beginning of the so called recap. It just doesn’t fit with the original.

        • Jacob Ferris

          Haven’t been on for quite a long time. But it is a sequel. Watch the video to find out “how” it is.

  • Tim Kauffman

    …or maybe this is all being done on purpose to generate more anticipation and interest…

    Sam really needs to be back on it more like he was in Season 1. Feels like the series is drifting too far away from everything that made Season 1 and the movies so groovy, especially Army Of Darkness. More Army Of Darkness moments and more Sam at the helm please. It really showed in the first season.

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