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Cox Dropping NBC-Owned Chiller Channel Next Month

NBC’s Chiller could be the next horror channel to end up six feet under.

Cox announced that it will be dropping the horror channel on November 8, 2017.

The Cox decision means that Chiller has lost access to more than 40 million homes in less than eight months, explains TV Answer Man. (Cox has roughly 4 million video subs; Dish has slightly less than 14 million; Charter has slightly less than 17 million; and Verizon has slightly less than 5 million.)

Verizon quietly dropped Chiller from all systems on October 1, while Charter and Dish removed it in February and April of this year respectively.

Here’s the irony: Comcast, the nation’s largest cable operator, still does not carry Chiller, although it owns the channel via NBC. (DIRECTV and U-verse are Chiller’s two biggest carriers.)

While Bloody Disgusting received no response to inquiries, an NBC spokesperson issued this statement to the aforementioned site: “NBCUniversal values Chiller as the leading cable net dedicated to the horror genre.”

It’s worth noting that the second season of Chiller’s original series, “Slasher”, is heading directly to Netflix tomorrow. The show’s publicist also didn’t return my emails.

We’ll keep you posted on further updates but it’s looking as if Chiller is going to need a burial plot next to Fearnet.



  • chuck

    So does that mean Holliston was going to be on Chiller? ;^)

    Anyways that does suck pretty hard.

    • pumkinheadfan VHS Forever!

      The last that was mentioned was Blumhouse was to be launching a internet channel and Adam Green was in talks to have Holliston on there.

      • chuck

        I hope that is true, I am a big fan of that show. I know they have been in talks for awhile now on a new home so I HOPE that it doesnt fall apart.

        • pumkinheadfan VHS Forever!

          Well from what I read in the introduction by Adam in the “Friendship Is Tragic” graphic novel and his comments when Victor Crowely was announced. It’s a combination of him needing time after Brokie’s sudden death, getting everyone’s schedule to sync and him secretly filming this fourth Hatchet film.So maybe doing this Hatchet film was a way to jumpstart the old creative juices going! I’m confident enough that when everything aligns it will be well worth the wait!

  • Pikachu

    Ironically only just this last year did I think they started getting good well known movies, even though they look like shit with some kind of gray filter over them.


    Don’t have COX but DIRECTV still doesn’t have this channel in HD as far as I know. Never watched anything on Chiller because 1 they never really had anything good on and 2 nothing was in HD. It’s 2017 people, everything should be simulcast in HD.

    • RedNeoCon

      Actually I have DirectTV and yes it does have Chiller.

      Channel #257

      • mark long

        Not in HD…

      • SLVRDVL

        Yeah I was only saying its not in HD, not that that channel didn’t exist on DirecTV.

  • Jimmy Cthulhuhan

    It won’t be missed (by me at least). It’s been about 3 years since it was any good, nowadays it’s basically just Syfy with an alternate schedule.

  • It should be great, but it never has been. For a while they were showing X-Files. That was pretty good, even though with commercials each episode was 90 minutes…

  • Nex

    It sucks that I can’t get this channel anymore. I was literally rewatching episodes of The Outer Limits every morning but now I can’t and it absolutely sucks… nevertheless I’ll really miss the Chiller channel, it was awesome!

  • gjk2012 .

    This isn’t just Chiller. Cable tv is dying with bombardment of commercials to pay off for the lack of viewers and the fact that there isn’t anything worth watching. People are turning to streaming services.

  • Forca84

    I legit thought it wad shutting down anyway. I have Spectrumn and don’t get it anymore. Aside from the sometimes decent movie or TV show the scheduling really went downhill fast.

  • Elizabeth

    It’s still on Sony Vue as of right now. Although they never give advance notice before they get rid of anything.

  • Necro

    When I had DirecTV I used to TRY to watch it, why it wasn’t in HD is beyond me. I once tried to watch ‘Gacy House’ and it was so hard to see anything in standard definition. Maybe XFinity will pick it up in HD, if not yeah well.

  • AdamX

    A bazillion channels on my comcast package, yet Chiller or El Rey…not a chance.

  • Batcat

    This channel started out as being a true horror fan’s dream. It included Universal classics, 50s monster films, foreign terror from the 60s and 70s and a number of vintage documentaries, some not seen in decades like 1979’s The Horror Show. The TV shows were great including Tales From The Darkside, Freddy’s Nightmares, Friday the 13th and Monsters. The modern horror classics were handled well with stuff like Reanimator, From Beyond and Day of the Dead, the kind of stuff AMC should carry but don’t.

    Then it went the way of direct to DVD garbage and stuff on par with SyFy original programming and it hasn’t been the same since. What a shame. No one ever seems to get horror done right.

  • Justin Flaherty

    Yeah I was curious why Slasher was just suddenly placed on Netflix.

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