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The ‘RoboCop’ Tribute Zombie on “The Walking Dead” You Probably Missed

We love when “The Walking Dead” uses its zombies to pay tribute to classic horror, but the show’s latest “tribute walker” instead paid homage to ’80s action cinema.

Then again, RoboCop is so violent that one could argue it’s a horror film.

As revealed over on Instagram just last night by Greg Nicotero, October 29th’s episode of “The Walking Dead” featured a tribute to the melted Emil from RoboCop!

Robocop “Emil” tribute walker from last week’s episode honoring the amazing work of Rob Bottin,” Nicotero said on his Instagram, including a behind the scenes shot.

Did you spot this gruesome tribute walker?!

Robocop “Emil” tribute walker from last weeks episode honoring the amazing work of Rob Bottin

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  • The Night King

    The Walking Dead is the only show that could turn all out war into a long, drawn out, borefest.

    • Necro

      Yep! And I said here on BD about 2 weeks before the premier that exact same thing! It was the one thing I was afraid they’d do.

    • Master99

      The show has been running low on ideas for the last few years as the story telling from the last two seasons combined could have fit into about 6 or 7 episodes. And so far this season is turning out to be the same. They are stretching and adding too many fillers. I just want to see the conclusion of the Negan storyline and I am done watching….. hopefully that doesn’t last 3 more seasons.

  • Necro

    I actually do consider ‘Robocop’ to be a Sci’Fi/Horror film. I have it in my collection anyway. Now the sequels……..hell no!

    • Weresmurf

      That’s more than a fair consideration. Robocop absolutely fits into the ‘body horror’ genre.

      • Necro

        Yep definitely!

  • Bobby1181

    One of the most unintentionally hilarious scenes in any movie, Ray Wise screaming “Don’t touch me man!!!”

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