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Tony Todd Arrives in “Riverdale” Next Week


We always love seeing our favorite horror icons pop up on the small screen, so we wanted to make sure you know that the Candyman is headed to “Riverdale”!

The hunt for the Black Hood continues in Season 2, Episode 7 of The CW series, titled “Tales From the Darkside,which will feature Tony Todd as Farmer McGinty.

In the episode, airing Wednesday, November 29

“The town remains on edge after a chilling letter from the Black Hood challenges the town’s residents to remain sinless for 48 hours, or he’ll strike again.

Meanwhile, Jughead and Archie’s friendship gets tested after Penny Peabody unexpectedly calls in a favor that Jughead owes her. Elsewhere, Betty and Veronica team up to investigate someone who Betty thinks could be the Black Hood killer. Finally, things take an unexpected turn for Josie when a secret admirer takes things one step too far.”

Check out your first look at Tony Todd in “Riverdale” below.



  • Hayden Koutras

    that’ll be nice to see a horror icon on the show. Riverdale has been taking a very horror inspired route this season and i am loving it. last season’s murder mystery was very cool, but this season is pretty insane so far.

    • Travis Ignaffo

      Yeah its definitely getting better as it goes. I find it funny how Riverdale turned a super hero the Archie comic publishers own into a serial killer.

  • Jerry

    Hey where is the RSS feed for Bloody Disgusting? Its not working past few days.

  • KnegaKnick

    I met Tony Todd at a convention in my city a few yrs back. He had his “agent” tell me it would be $10 for a cell phone pic. Had my 5yr old daughter with me to. Not a good look on his part.

    • MeeGhoulz

      Shame. This pay for pic culture is so bizarre…

      • KnegaKnick

        I mean, I have no problem throwing a few bucks for a signed photograph but a cell phone pic?

        • jasonlives1986

          You realize thats his income right?

          • J Jett

            it’s still absurd. just snap a pic whether you pay or not imo.

          • jasonlives1986

            It’s absurd to you because you have a 9 to 5.

            This is how he makes money. You Might not like it but it isn’t up to you.

            I wouldn’t want a pic from him regardless of price

          • KnegaKnick

            So he does films for free.

          • jasonlives1986

            When was the last time you watched one of his movies.

        • MeeGhoulz

          I know it’s part of showbiz in the US but for me ( Brazil) it’s like the person who’s asking for money forgets who put them in the stardom status in the first place… Without fans supporting the movies or shows or whatever entertainment area in question to begin with.

  • Khy

    Love Riverdale. Also love the horror vibe this season is going in. I expect the show to get even darker once Sabrina comes into the mix.
    This show is addicting. Good fun. I’ve watched season 1 at least 3 times.

    • J Jett

      i agree 100%! 🙂

  • J Jett

    RIVERDALE is a show that really should be the worst, suckiest show ever but it’s actually not! lol. for some reason the show is far better than it should be. i like it a lot and i’m excited to see Tony Todd on it! i love how each ep this season is named after a horror/thriller. last week’s ep was entitled DEATH PROOF, the week before that WHEN A STRANGER CALLS, next weeks 2 eps are TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE and HOUSE OF THE DEVIL.
    the only thing i don’t like about the show is Cole Sprouse/Jughead. he’s really annoying and i’m sick to death of his emo/”oh woe is me” bs.

    • Elizabeth

      I always feel like I have to explain to people that it’s not terrible when they catch me watching it. Although I’m the opposite on Cole Sprouse. I like emo Jughead and get annoyed with idiot Archie. I’m surprised he hasn’t won a Darwin Award by now.

      • J Jett

        same here! LOL. and yeah, i agree 100% that Archie is incredibly annoying. 🙂
        IMO it Betty Veronica & Cheryl who keep me interested and keep the show truly good.

        • Elizabeth

          Oh, totally. The women on that show are badasses. And Cheryl is pretty much the best character ever.

          • J Jett

            i love how Cheryl will say things like that! LOL. oh and how stupid (yet funny) is the term “Jingle Jangle”? 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    Awesome. I love it any time Tony Todd shows up. Fingers crossed we’ll get an eventual Halloween episode with Afterlife With Archie.

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