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Both Seasons of “Ash vs. Evil Dead” Just Arrived On Netflix Streaming!

Both Seasons of “Ash vs. Evil Dead” Just Arrived On Netflix Streaming!

Perfect for “Netflix and Chill” cause Bruce Campbell is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

For years we were all begging for Bruce Campbell’s return in Evil Dead 4, but what we actually got after so many years of waiting was even better. What we got, of course, was “Ash vs. Evil Dead, a Starz series that has given us so much more of Campbell as Ash than we ever expected to get in the wake of Army of Darkness.

To date, 20 episodes have aired across two seasons, with the third season arriving on Starz on Sunday night, February 25, 2018. If you’ve fallen behind or never even started watching, potentially because you just plain don’t have Starz at your disposal, you’ll be very excited to hear that BOTH SEASONS of “Ash vs. Evil Dead” just hit Netflix!

Yes, you can now instantly stream all 20 episodes of “Ash vs. Evil Dead” through Netflix, which should only take you about 10 hours to get through.

According to our math, you’ve got just over two months to watch everything before Season 3 arrives in February 2018, and we highly recommend you do!

The show is truly one of the greatest gifts the horror gods have ever given us.



  • Alanmac

    Excellent news!!!

  • Harriz022

    The binge watching starts tonight!!

  • pablitonizer

    Does this could mean Starz is giving up on AVsED after season 3 and Netflix could pick it up?

    • Necro

      First thing I thought about myself

    • The more people who stream it, the more possible that becomes.

  • Necro

    Even though I’ve seen both seasons this is really great to hear and is something Netflix should do with other shows, ‘The Sopranos’, ‘True Blood’, ‘Power’ & every other great show out there.

  • YES! Now I can catch up on Season 2.

  • DukeStKing

    Very cool.

  • Christopher Nickerson

    Man I want to start watching season 2 but I know my wife got me the Blu-ray set for Christmas

    • Sherlock-Junior

      There’s extras and more support for Bruce is always good. Stay groovy 😀

  • Will Coors

    Awesome! Gonna re watch the whole series for the new season!!!!! Love this show

  • Mike Messina

    Sweet……..Time to binge watch with some good 420 and my favorite munchies

  • Bobby Jones

    Canadian Netflix only has Season 1, that sucks

  • gjk2012 .

    Finally something worth watching on Netflix streaming.

    • Evan3

      Watch Black Mirror now and thank me later.

  • Evan3

    Added to my queue. Any idea how long it may be on Netflix?

  • Jose Rodolfo F.F. Junior

    aqui no brazil, a 1ª temporada chegou na netflix Dublada Pt-Br.
    eu já assistir legendado os 20 episodios, estou no Aguardo da 3ª temporada 😀

  • Sherlock-Junior


  • copykat

    This 2nd Season is sooooooo awesome! What a time to be alive.

  • Bruce Campbell

    C’mon. C’mon. C’mon. Let’s go space truckin’!

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