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Here’s When That Heartbreaking Zombie Bite Happened On “The Walking Dead”

Obviously, you’re about to read mid-season finale spoilers for Season 8.

On last night’s episode of “The Walking Dead, something HUGE finally happened. The show tends to go all out for finales, whether we’re talking mid-season or end of season, and with the all-out war between Rick and Negan in full swing, we expected that not everyone would make it to the second half of the eighth season.

While no one died, per se, we discovered at the very end of the episode that one of the show’s main characters is *about* to die: Carl Grimes, the son of Rick Grimes.

Making his dad proud, Carl risked his own life to save everyone inside the walls of Alexandria when Negan and his forces came knocking, heroically distracting them long enough to allow for the Alexandria residents to escape. Rick and Carl were reunited at the end of the episode, where we (and Rick) learned that Carl had been bitten by a zombie.

According to showrunner Scott M. Gimple, Carl’s story is not yet finished, as we will likely have to deal with the full heartbreak of his loss during Season 8, Episode 9.

But when did that zombie bite actually happen? We didn’t actually *see* Carl get bitten during the episode, leaving many to ask if they had missed the moment of the bite. At the very least, we were all left wondering when it could’ve happened, as Carl didn’t even come face to face with any zombies during last night’s mid-season finale.

The answer? Well, we actually *did* see Carl get bitten, earlier in the season.

Remember when Carl and Siddiq were attacked by zombies in the forest, after Carl saved Siddiq? That was during Episode 6 of Season 8, and if you go back and re-watch that scene in the wake of the mid-season finale, the moment of the bite becomes crystal clear. Carl is pinned down by one zombie, while another lunges at… his lower stomach.

Carl knew all along, dating back to Episode 6, that his time was numbered, which puts last night’s heroic act in a sad new context: Carl really had nothing left to lose.

You can watch the moment of the bite below.



  • Adam Doll

    I thought that Carl might have been bitten during that fight but since they never actually showed it I’d hoped that I was mistaken. In any event it will be sad to see him go. Great character and actor.

    • MODOK

      The editing of that scene was definitely wonky…now I know why. I’ll be sad to see him go, too. Considering how ruthless Rick has gotten over the years, Carl had developed into a voice of reason and decency.

      Not to mention, he was the only adolescent point of view on the show, aside from Enid’s enigmatic and irregular appearances. The driving force on the show has always been to create something better for the generation that will come after. Carl symbolized that, and now he won’t be around to see it. Hopefully his death at least has some long-lasting impact on what the characters do.

    • zombie84_41

      I’m not even the slightish bit sad and it wasn’t even shocking it was pathetic to be honest how does every other character who gets bitten turns pretty much right away and he is still all good.

      • Q.

        Artistic liberty? How realistic does an apacolyptic zombie show based on comics really have to be?

      • Adam Doll

        I can’t recall a character getting a small bite and then turning right away so you’ll have to refresh my memory on that point.

        • zombie84_41

          some side characters got bit right away and i think they turned pretty quick. Didnt Lori turn pretty quick too? I could be mistaken.

          • Adam Doll

            No, Lori died as a result of childbirth and Carl shot her before she could turn. It was a fairly major plot point which even the most casual of viewers would remember.

          • zombie84_41

            yeah I deft don’t remember that shit at all LOL.

  • Reason

    Bout 5 seasons too late!

  • NOCC Monkey

    It was inevitable. Not much more happened this season other that shooting at each other and speeches. I watch the show faithfully, because hey, it’s one of the few regular horror shows on, so why not support it. The only problem I really have with it is that in zombie “lore”, the head/brain/brain stem usually has to be destroyed to stop one. Here, they just stick them in the head at random places with random objects. It’s still fun to watch to see what KNB will come up with next.

  • chuck

    So the one thing that could have gotten Walking Dead back on track( handing the reins over to Carl/doing a decade time jump to recast since that actor wanted off anyways and letting some of the primary actors leave due to budget issues) they shut the door on….fucking brilliant AMC… I can’t even hate watch this anymore lol.

    • zombie84_41

      that would have been dope to be honest.

  • Necro

    A couple of things here:

    1) The nature of the show is that people will die, whether by a zombie or another person. A couple of characters have been around since season one and at least one of them getting killed is looooooooooooooong overdue. No matter who it is.
    2) It’s sad to see what happened to ‘Carl’, but hey he’s been around for 7 1/2 seasons so…….. This is the type of shit that needs to happen more often and not once every 3 seasons! There’s a lot of characters running around and in the midst of a war with really no one dying is beyond unrealistic!
    3) It’s good to see the show not stick to the comics like a glued in prompter! Stir things up, kill off people who are supposed to be alive, hit the audience with stuff that we don’t see coming etc! That stuff there might actually help improve ratings. I want constant twists and turns. Every Sunday episode should be at the level of mid-season/season finale status.
    4) Lastly……..are these people (Survivors) really this f**king stupid?! They should’ve killed these people 10 times already! They keep giving these people chances……..WHY? And see you let them hang around long enough and now they’re really worse off than where they were the first time they were overthrown, now they’re without their homes and everything and now squandering in the sewers of all places!

    • Grither 57

      YES! Every word YES! One of the things that dramatically elevates shows like this is high stakes and unpredictable deaths. Hopefully the episode changes the show into something more than just the “Let’s See What F**ked Up Thing Negan Does This Week” Show.

    • zombie84_41

      this show is just idiots writing it now.

  • Baron von Marshmallow

    Remember when Tyreese annihilated that horde of 15+ zombies with just a hammer and didn’t even get scratched?

    • zombie84_41

      loll yeah. This show is pure shit.

      • SirSpark

        And yet you still watch it. What a sad, pathetic life you must lead that you watch shows you think are pure shit

        • zombie84_41


  • jasonlives1986

    Carl will be immune or some dumb shit.

    Just like the preacher.

    Fake out Glenn style

    • zombie84_41

      he must already be immune because he would of turned right away. everyone else did. And didn’t they mention a few seasons back that they are all immune.

      • jasonlives1986

        No. They mentioned that They All had the infection already that is triggered when they die. Regardless if how they die.

        The preacher got sick and as far as I know hasn’t been revealed on how yet.

        I assume thsts part or the bigger plot of when it’s revealed how or why Carl survives.

        No one cares though. If they wetre gonna deviate from the comic than why wouldn’t they do it 4 years ago when hatred for Carl was at a all time high?

        Because this is either a fake out or that they didn’t know what they was doing story wise long term and just adds to the lols this show has.

        • Q.

          But the actor has been rumoured to be leaving the show for college for about a year now… so I feel like he’s legit being killed off and that the writers knew this was coming for about as long as Chandler Riggs knew he’d be leaving for school.

  • buroot

    Coooooral! lol i stopped watching 3 seasons ago i could care less if anybody dies.

  • The Night King

    That would be awesome if the helicopter flew over and dropped a nuke on both Rick and Negan’s groups and just killed them all. At this point, I only watch the show make fun of it Mystery Science Theater style.

    • zombie84_41

      that be funny.

    • Either that, or a poorly CGI’d Night King comes swooping in on a Frost Dragon and burns Rick and Negan up..then the theme from GOT begins.

  • horrormaker

    I thought he was to be written off of the show for a while. He was supposed to go to college, then come back. Maybe this is how they are going to do it?

  • zombie84_41

    that mid season finale was stupid I wish they would stop giving us 1hr and 30min ep’s they are all shit.This season has become very funny. And why is when everybody else gets bitten they are put down 1.2.3 and turned right away carl was bit and wasn’t even turned right away just so they could drag it out more. they should of done it in that ep and called it a day. I’m trying my hardest to like this show still but I can’t.

  • Dylan Summers

    If the writers were clever they’d pull a Last Of Us and make Carl survive causing Rick and gang to realize he has some kind of natural immunity. Perhaps it could be the start of the show working towards a cure. Realistically Carl is going to be stretched out to the Season 8 finale, some decently scored death that nobody really cares about because nobody actually likes Carl will take place at the very end of an otherwise disappointing episode and then we’ll be treated to catatonic Rick again during Season 9. Yay!!!

    • SpacemanSpliffz

      carl is dead. the actor himself has confirmed he won’t be coming back, which is good, because carl was a whiny little asshole

    • Gower Cox

      The actor wanted to quit the show to go to college so they had to kill him off even thought they didnt want him to because he is supposed to take Ricks place later on.

      • Andrew Mount

        That’s actually not true. Chandler Riggs was interviewed after the episode and said it was Gimple’s decision, not his.

        Rigg’s dad was also pretty ticked about it because Gimple had recently old them they wanted Chandler Riggs for another three years.

        This is all on Scott Gimple.

    • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

      If Kirkman still has integrity we’ll never see someone being immune and I thank all the gods for that, it’s definitely in the top three hokeyest things that can happen in a zombie story.

  • Adean

    He had a decent arc coming up if they were following the comics, with the Whisperers and such. I seriously feel like my only route back to this show is if they pull a Melrose Place with the bomb in the building and kill off the useless half of the cast. There are just too many goddamn characters to keep track of. I have never liked TV Carl. Comic Carl was pretty cool though.

    The writers are not reading their audience very well. Everyone is tired of this ALL OUT WAR bs. They need to have one more episode that kills all annoying characters, then do a time jump like they did in the comics. The arc after the Saviors was far far better and wayyyy creepier. I’m worried they won’t do it now. Or their ratings will sink to an all-time low over Machine Gun fatigue. That’s why I quit.

    • Chance LeBoeuf

      The Whisperers were not a better arc than Negan in the books. It would have been better if they didn’t kill the Whisperers most interesting character so soon, but they did and the stuff between Negan/Rick/Dwight ended up stealing the show again.

      • Adean

        I thought they were. There was loads of character development at that time too. Up until MAJOR COMIC SPOILER************* those random
        people all go missing at that festival. You know what happens to them. That was a bigger shock to me than what Negan did. I was floored by that.

  • Schwifty

    I haven’t been following this show for a few seasons now, so I don’t know if this is a thing or not, but … isn’t an older version of Cooooorl in those “flash-forwards” where Rick is an old man? Meaning, if those things are legit flash-forwards and Carl is in them, wouldn’t that mean that it’s not a zombie bite?

    • Gower Cox

      He is in it but you dont see his face, just his back.

    • SillyPeddy

      Those were hopes and dreams of Rick

      • Chance LeBoeuf

        The nice day-dream of Rick that also has him sporting the limp Negan leaves him with for the rest of his life.

        Was this even planned when they filmed that?

  • DeathApeDisco

    I don’t remember any of the bits you’re talking about, because each week, I turn this show on thinking it can’t be as bad as I remembered because it’s about new communities arising in the wake of the zombie apocalypse, and then it’s bad scripting, terrible pacing, flat acting and dull plotting nearly put me to sleep. Truly the worst *big* show on television.

    • Paul Rubino

      Then why do you watch it you douche, stop complaing asshole!

      • SirSpark

        I bet he listens to shock jocks just so he can write in and complain

      • DeathApeDisco

        Because I’m fascinated by enormously famous trainwrecks. St Anger and Illud Divinum Insanus make me feel the same way.

  • Mr. Dry

    As much as I loved this series back in the day I stopped watching it this season because it became a repetitive circle of Rick giving speeches and people trying to look badass. You can call killing Carl a “bold move” I call it looking for the shock value, as they slaughtered the most interesting part of Carl’s storyline when he becomes some kind of leader in the Negan’s war aftermath (talking bout the comicbooks, obviously). I wonder who they gonna give that part of the story to? Daryl maybe? You know, that loveable redneck who became totally unnecesary 3 FUCKING SEASONS AGO!

  • gjk2012 .

    I hope Rick Grimes gets killed off. Andrew Lincoln deserves better than this show.

    • Mr. Dry

      He’s a great actor indeed but his character has been stucked in a loop of speeches and crying faces since season 7.

      • gjk2012 .

        All the more reason for him to be killed off. It must be stressful to work that hard, act that certain way, and to be in that mindset to do a good job. To never know when the show will end because the creators said it will never have an end date. With that statement alone makes a show long, drawn out, and will eventually lead to cancellation with viewers fed up with the same boring writing. I have never read the comics but I bet the comics are better than the show at this point.

  • SpacemanSpliffz

    carl, i’m glad you’re dead. also, that hat made you look like an asshole, and i’m 99% certain that fucking wrap on your head must reek like pee.

  • Fred Hopkins

    I thought the mid season finale was boring. Then it seemed like we were repeating early seasons we have already seen. This writing is not good.

  • Jonathon Knight

    bold move? This is the same old shit this tired show has been pulling every season now.

    • Hash-Slinging Slasher

      Just like in season 6 when they killed off a character that had been on the show for 7 seasons.

      • Weresmurf

        The maths.. the maths is giving me a headache!

  • WhimPickens

    Shame is the show has become too much soap opera with neutered zombies.
    Sad, just not scary for a long time.

  • IWC-3PO

    Oh, no! Not Coral. Anybody but Coral…

  • The chicken man

    So, the unimportant dumbasses who hate this show, still hate this show?


    • Papa_spoosh

      So you’re more important for liking the show? Most complaints are clearly from people who still watch but are disapointed at the laziness of the writing. I’ve seen dozens of defenses for why Rick doesn’t hit Negan with the barbed wire part of Lucille by saying “well obviously they can’t kill off negan like that”…. Ridiculous, were supposed to be engrossed and believe the characters are making decisions, not be painfully aware that this is how things have to be in order to keep the story moving. They need to be more purposeful with their decision but it’s become a big gimmick and the pay offs aren’t earned

      • Anthony Gulino

        yeah Rick had the perfect opportunity to whack Negan with his own Barbed wire bat Lucille and he hits him with the but end, thats not Rick Grimes thats just stupid writing.unrealistic garbage, Ricks character has gone savage so many times before but not with Negan ????? sucked

  • Shinobi

    Good riddance, bye Carl.

  • RedNeoCon

    – At no time do you see Carl bitten

    – That has to be the biggest waste of the dramatic ever. Rick just sees some shitty bite and that’s it?

  • Kristoffer Groves

    Am i the only person who still enjoys TWD and was saddened by last night’s episode?

    • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

      My main problem with it is that it seems like the writers are in a contest to see how slow they can make the show go along. I feel like a third of this season so far has been close-ups of the character’s faces to try and create impact where nothing really happens while we wait for any type of finale so something finally can happen. I swear that the actor’s are even moving slower themselves now, it takes them forever just to walk across half the screen!

      I get that the pacing is probably more tolerable when binge-watching but this show isn’t on Netflix and most people it seems follow this show from week to week like I do and I’m often left feeling cheated. Like I’m reading a book I’m borrowing from a friend but he only gives me two pages each time and they’re hidden somewhere in between 50 pages of insane babbling fan fiction he wrote himself.

      • gjk2012 .

        The show is on Netflix though. You just have to wait a year for a new season to come on it.

  • SillyPeddy

    So they do all this shit with Carl and Enid over 2+ seasons just to have Carl die with her not even around? Also there are better ways for Carl to show his father that empathy in the world is not dead. Just bringing in one homeless guy is the BIG push to save rick’s morality and kill off Carl? WOW AWFUL. Also lets get through this Neegan shit and on to the helicopter. Make the show have a purpose again please!

  • SillyPeddy

    Also bring in the WHISPERERS already. Did they not show a guy spying on them with a boot or whatever covered in rotting flesh last season?

  • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

    A big picture of Rick with the words “heartbreaking bite” right on top of the front page… Yeah that was a difficult equation to solve, huh? Thanks for the spoiler YET AGAIN. Sigh.

    • Dan

      Are you 5 years old? Don’t click on it you goof. It didn’t say who got bit unless you continue reading.

      • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

        No, but you apparently have the reading skills of one, I didn’t click on it until after I saw the episode but I did visit this site and see the huge picture at the top of the main page with the picture and the title. That was more than enough for me to piece it together.

  • Chance LeBoeuf

    Carl in the show was actually coming around to be more like the character he was in the books, and they decide to kill him. Cancelling out a large propelling force in the next story arc, and some pretty good stuff. Always didn’t mind the deviation from the books because it gave me something new to watch, and some things were actually improved, but this was one decision that literally gets rid of so much that would have been great to see transferred to live action.

    • American Atheist

      I agree. Those future conversations between Carl and Negan are gone. Those would’ve been excellent to watch. The whole Whisperer story is fucked up now. I don’t know what Gimple’s (or AMC’s) reasonings are for killing Carl off are? I think they just lost me as a viewer after this season.

      • Necro

        I had heard Chandler wanted off cuz he wants to go to college and further his education and things like that. Actually I think he already got accepted in to college. I guess between that and scheduling conflicts a tough decision had to be made. Now how much of that is the real truth who knows.

  • Mattildo

    Hmmm. And here I thought that walker was going “down there” to give him a chummer.

  • American Atheist

    Carl was barely in S8 and then they bring him back to die. Shitty writing.

    I always thought the heart of the story was about the evolving relationship between a father and son surviving in the apocalypse. Rick would eventually die and Carl would take over as the leader, learning from his father’s mistakes and leadership.

    Without Carl TWD has no purpose. I wanted to see Carl evolve into a strong compassionate leader and have those conversations with Negan that are in the comics. I will seriously lose all interest in TWD show without Carl. It was bad enough the show fucked up Andrea’s character. Rick has to die eventually. Who’s going to take his place? Judith?

    Fuck Gimple. He is a hack.

  • discochic

    I’m waiting for Brad’s hating rant and a report on the ratings drop

  • dsxy

    Rick and negan will bond over this, call a truce and the show will turn into neighbors, but less interesting.

    • Das Ende

      LAWL ^5

  • Jhonny Lima

    But the answer is in the episode itself, when he says: “I brought him here, that’s how it happened.”

  • Necrogeddon666

    I’m a fan of the show. I’ve loved and defended it since day one, but this season has felt more than a little goofy. Between the writing, editing, poorly choreographed gun battles, etc it’s just been off. Any other fans agree? Haters need not apply. Talking to you Brad.

    • Necro

      Don’t get me started Necro! Actually just read my comment below, if you haven’t already and let me know what you think. Just like you I’ve been with it since day one.

  • kenburke

    It’s too bad Carl’s being killed off. It was fun seeing him grow up on screen. Thanks a heap, know-nothing producers.

  • DevilDogRecon

    I have heard that Carl will survive the bite and usher in a new chapter that not everyone is infected when bitten that they will look for a cure with Carl. I wonder how this will play out

  • Azwethinkweiz

    I don’t really watch TWD anymore but I am still current on the comics. Kinda got out of the show back in like season 5 honestly. I meant to binge it and catch up and just kinda lost my mojo. I still like reading the synopsis for each episode though after premiere to see if any important characters get the axe.

  • Alanmac

    Haven’t watched since last season but glad to hear that Carl got bitten. Hated the fuck outta that kid’s character.

  • Brett

    Must have missed it, but I thought the zombie bites weren’t poisonous themselves, since everyone already carried the “disease”, but that the veracity of the bite was the problem, since you would probably lose excessive blood and die.

  • Andrew Salisbury

    heartbreaking? hardly

  • Christy William Ackley

    I hope that Carl becomes the first obvious case of immunity. His character has really grown and it would be awesome to see how much further he will go. He is the humanity to his father’s violence.

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