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[Trailer] Upcoming Original Movie Brings ‘ZOMBIES’ to Disney Channel

For its next original movie, Disney Channel is pitting zoms against poms in ZOMBIES, a musical that sees zombies integrated into a Mean Girls-type high school.

A new technology, in the form of a fashionable bracelet, allows for zombies to be hit with “soothing, electromagnetic pulses” that kill their desire to munch on brains, you see, so they’re just like us… only dead.

They also happen to have pale white skin and bright green hair, making them all look like bootleg versions of Jared Leto’s Joker from Suicide Squad. Cause Disney Channel.

EW got their hands on the trailer today, which you’ll find below!

In the film…

“Seabrook is a suburban town obsessed with tradition, conformity, football, and cheerleading, but they’re in for a major shake-up when students from Zombietown transfer to Seabrook High and struggle to coexist alongside human students. When a fierce cheerleader, Addison, and zombie football star, Zed, become friends, they partner to help unite their school and community.”

The cast includes Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim, along with Trevor Tordjman, Kylee Russell, Carla Jeffery, James Godfrey and Kingston Foster.

Look for ZOMBIES on Friday, February 16.



  • Robert Fisher

    I feel like I can’t exhaustively ‘sigh’ enough…

  • Kyle Cole

    I HATE musicals!! This looks way too cheesy for my likes. Glad it’s a only Disney channel film. Major pass on this one!

    • Grimphantom

      Yeah but if it get a lot of views… expect sequels……

  • Carl Chrystan

    Well…the zombie subgenre exploded into pop culture and sells a lot of s**t at the moment, so it’s inevitable. You never know, in a few years you might see some bandwagon-jumping Disney rape-revenge movie, as I predict that’s the next subgenre people will latch on to, especially after all these entertainment world sex scandals!

  • Munchie Strikes Back

    O…k? Thanks for hipping us to what the Disney channel is doing.

    They could’ve at least had the decency to call it Pombies.

  • Josh Gastronomicon Myers


  • Reavus

    no. just…no.

  • James

    Was this worth writing an article about?

  • J Jett

    i admit i like the Disney show K.C. UNDERCOVER and i saw this trailer for Z-O-M-B-I-E-S during a K.C. episode. lol. it’s not for me but i think it looks like a cute, fun movie for kids. nothing wrong with that. 🙂

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    why are you covering this

  • Jay Bennett

    [looks directly into the camera]

  • DukeStKing

    C’mon man! You guys need to use better discretion. This shit is beginning to really piss me off! Disney crap musical? Change this to Bloody Ridiculous.

  • DS Ullery

    To repeat today’s headline: The zombie genre has finally suffered a fatal head shot.
    That’s a wrap, folks. When the Disney channel is making films about them bearing the tagline “Zoms vs Poms”, it’s time for the walking dead to shuffle back into their graves for a time.

    RIP the revival of zombie cinema: 2004-2018. It was fun.

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