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First Details On Horror Web Series Directed By Tom Savini and George Romero’s Daughter

Yes, the legendary makeup effects artist is back in the director’s chair!

As revealed on social media this week by Tom Savini and his team, Savini has stepped behind the camera for a new horror web series that just began filming, with episodes directed by Savini himself along with Robert Tinnell and Tina Romero, George Romero’s daughter.

The series is a collaboration between George Romero’s filmmaking program and Savini’s makeup effects program, both offered by PA’s Douglas Education Center.

Cant reveal too much, but prepare yourself for magic tricks, violence, revenge, and horror in the style of a silent film,” Savini teased over on Instagram.

Imagine Oldboy shot as a silent film starring Lon Chaney Sr. It’s violent AF!!!” actor Jason Baker also teased in a tweet.

Robert Tinnell wrote and produces the web series.




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