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Universal Teasing ‘Child’s Play’ Video Game?!

Child's Play 3 via Universal and MGM

This fall Universal Home Entertainment will release Cult of Chucky, the seventh film in the Child’s Play franchise that’s directed by creator Don Mancini.

Universal has been incredibly supportive of Chucky, which remains one of the few canon franchises left. With Brad Dourif reprising his voice role, and the original team once again reuniting on Cult, it’s quite possible that Universal is developing some sort of video game to release in conjunction with the sequel.

Here’s proof:

Yes, the official Child’s Play account just asked if us fans want a video game featuring ol’ Chuck. While I do have a lot of question, the main one would be as to who are the people who voted “No”?!

What I find interesting about the question is how it’s phrased…”Child’s Play Video Game on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC?” Whoever posted the poll isn’t asking which system they’d like to see it on, they’re eluding to the fact that we would see it on every platform listed. While this is not quite a confirmation nor an announcement, I think it’s safe to say we’ll see Chucky in video game form sometime in the near future.

It’s also worth noting that way back in May of 2011 it was announced that TikiGames was developing a Child’s Play game called “Chucky: Wanna Play”, which obviously never came to fruition after a failed Kickstarter campaign. It does prove that this is a discussion that’s been going on for at least five years, and maybe Universal came in and saved the game to continue its development? Whatever the case may be, how exciting! I can’t wait to fuck with Chuck.



  • I don’t want a Chucky game, and only because it will 100% be terrible. Licensed games are usually rushed and awful (look at the Saw games)

    • sblast13

      I’ll agree with you that licensed games are terrible MOST of the time. There’s still those times when a licensed game actually does a good job with the license, ‘Ghostbusters: The Video Game’ and ‘Alien: Isolation’ for example.

      • Ocelot006 .

        Licensed games sucked back in the day when they were rushed movie tie-ins. That doesn’t really happen too much any more since games take much longer to develop. So when things get licensed, they have all the time in the world really. Alien: Isolation was good. Mad Max. Shadow Of Mordor. Hard to think of the last licensed game that was pure garbage.

        • sblast13

          ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ was garbage. That was a game I was looking forward to and looked promising from what was revealed, until the game was released. And I’m not pissed that the game looked like trash compared to the demos and trailers, but the storyline was bad and the whole game was buggy as hell.

          • Ocelot006 .

            That was definitely the biggest recent fuck up. And as far as I’m concerned things were forgiven when it came to Alien: Isolation. Of course Colonial Marines is just that real clusterfuck example. SEGA was paying the bills. Gearbox decided to hand duties off to another developer in secret not telling SEGA so Gearbox could focus on Borderlands. That one was all a doozie. It wasn’t as simple as most shitty licensed games where duties are given to some novice developer that can cook up something quick. SEGA got the big boys but then the big boys said fuck it and gave it to the little guys.

      • Kristoffer Groves

        Dont forget Goldeneye.

        • Damn, I can’t believe I missed that, one of my favourite all time games and one of the most influential FPS games ever. Oops, haha

      • True, those are very good examples of decent licensed games. I guess I find it harder to picture a quality Chucky game since the franchise is quite hit and miss whether it’s a horror or a comedy a lot of the time and it’s not as well known/established as say Friday the 13th

    • Alejandro Marín Xifreda

      Friday the 13th: The Game looks very promising.

      • Christopher Nickerson

        I’m getting worried it is just over a week away and they haven’t put it up for preorder on the market places

        • Darkknight2149

          There won’t be pre-orders, sadly. According to the developers, they would have to delay the game to make pre-orders possible (since they’re an independent studio).

          • Christopher Nickerson

            They have repeatedly stated there would be preorders on Xbox and PC

  • Christopher Nickerson

    How about an actual trailer for “cult” already

  • Zsolt Nagy

    that twitter account is fake.

  • GOOD Guy

    As a huge fan of Chucky, I would love to have a game and would support it. FRIDAY THE 13TH is getting a game which is supposed to come out later this month. So depending on the success of the game, we might might see more horror franchises come to life through a videogame.

  • Ocelot006 .

    Pretty sure that’s a fan page. Nice job again Brad. Nice fucking job. Seriously, what in the fuck is happening to this place?

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Regardless if this is legit or not (looks not), my hope has been the new Friday the 13th game will restore faith in these franchises and we’ll see several of our old favorite slashers get a proper game. Ed Boon has already stated he’d like to make an all horror-themed fighting game, surely inspired by how well the slasher icons have been received in recent Mortal Kombat games. If the new Friday does really well, and all indications strongly imply it will, there could be some really cool things headed our way.

    • Kristoffer Groves

      You should check out the homebrew game, Terrordrome, if you havent already. Its like MK but with Freddy and Jason and Chucky and all those guys.

  • ThunderDragoon

    This used to be a reliable place for horror news. Now we get articles based on fan accounts. You need somebody to fact check everything that goes through because this is horrible. It’s really not that hard considering the real account has a checkmark next to it:

    • Ocelot006 .

      It’s getting worse and worse every week. But nothing will top the ‘exclusive! Bride Of Frankenstein plot! From a script that is thirteen years old!!!! And was unveiled in Variety! Thirteen years ago!!! Exclusive!!!’

  • Chris Genth


  • AdamX

    Yes but the only way it would work sadly is if it went the jumpscare route with small ques like seeing him run across a room or hearing footsteps around the map.

    I’d LOVE to see Telltale tackle a slashers series however, Elm St., Friday the 13th, Child’s Play, Hellraiser etc.

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