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‘Agony’ Now Releasing This Coming May; Watch the Announcement Trailer

Survive the limits of your mind and venture into the most secret realms of hell.

After recently being bumped from its original March release, developer Madmind Studios and publisher Maximum Games have announced that the fan-funded Agony, the unsettling journey through the most disturbing corners of hell, will dare horror fans to find a way out of its labyrinth when the game hits PC and consoles on May 29.

“Agony throws players in the midst of hell where they strive to stay alive and solve the riddle behind the mysterious Red Goddess; architect of this place of sorrow and pain, and the sole entity with knowledge of how escape… but there is more to the story than it seems. Haunted by nightmare creatures, players gain the ability to possess demons and other souls to find their way out of hell.”

It’ll release for PS4, XBox One and PC. For more information, visit



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