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Severed Footage (2012) – Official Trailer



  • skullz3181

    The bad thing about this is that you can tell it’s just plain out bad acting, I mean it isn’t even watchable because the acting just blobs out the interest from the film.

  • DA007

    I was privileged to see a private screening of Severed Footage along with 100 other people. I must say it complete caught us off guard, this trailer does not do it justice. It was very believable, everyone in the theater was commenting afterwards how it was much more entertaining than Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity. (and I liked both those movies) The people in it seemed real, not actors, the story was real, it moved along nicely without those long boring parts like so many found footage movies do. It was humorous watching these nerds devising a plan to meet the hot girls in their class, but so scarey when they spent the night on the Island, we jumped out of our seats many times. What really got to me was after the movie I looked up about those severed feet and stories of Kanaka Pete, they are all true and well documented. Real creepy scarey stuff. The other thing is no one is taking credit for this movie, makes me wonder if this is the real deal. Either way two thumbs up for a very exciting suspense thriller. I am sure it will go huge once it hits the theaters. My friends and I are looking forward to seeing it again. Well done!

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