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Rob Zombie Returns to Horror With ’31’!

Rob Zombie's 31

Rob Zombie has been very vocal about his potential return to the horror genre.

Just two days ago, Junior Manager Sarah Martin McIvor (so you guys know it’s real) uploaded the following trailer to Rob Zombie’s official website with no information.

What you’ll see is a recounting of Zombie’s film career – including House of 1,000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, El Superbeasto, Halloween, Halloween II and Lords of Salem – before it pulls out to reveal a terrifying clown mask and the title, 31.

In a quick exclusive update, we have confirmed that the title refers to October 31, Halloween night.

There are no other details available, so your guess is as good as mine. A Captain Spaulding spinoff? A John Wayne Gacy-inspired slasher?

An email from Zombie claims this film is “for the hardcore fans who want it nasty and brutal.

What do you think? And a special thanks to ‘Travis E.’ for the tip!!

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Rob Zombie's 31



  • Timothy Hall

    Rob Zombie is fuckin awesome! Bring on 31, Sounds great, give me blood by the gallons.

    • A Dawg


  • Chris Drzewiecki

    Looks like “3I” to me not Thirty-one, like an apartment number or something…

    • Sutter Cane

      Yep, 31 or 3I it’s all very ambiguous. However if it’s original Zombie I’m at least intrigued. Lords of Salem was, in my opinion, awesome (wish he’d had a bigger budget) and a return to the form that he showed in Devil’s Rejects.

      • A Dawg

        Not ambiguous at all if you are talking about the title. It clearly says 3i…

        • Sutter Cane

          I really just meant the nature of the project (it’s reported as 31, we all see 3I) and the fact that other than 3I and a clown face (which may or may not be Spaulding-esque) we are left with nothing.

    • Rafael Goulart

      If you ever use a typewriter (which is the base for the font of the title), you’ll notice there’s no “number 1”, the only way to type a number 1, is to type a capital i. So, it’s actually “31”.

  • joelisadinosaur

    I hope the title is referring to October 31. Been craving a solid horror movie set on Halloween.

    • A Dawg

      It says 3i…

  • Rhena

    That is not Gacy’s clown face. RZ would make sure to have that right if he were doing something involving the one real horror clown. (Gacy was Pogo the Clown)

    • Rev’rend J. Redhood

      $5 says it’s the shitty new Myers mask as a horror-hipster throwback to when Myers was 6.

    • A Dawg

      i don’t see how people can think Gacy over the number 3 and letter “i” on a poster. What did 3i have to do with Gacy?? lol

  • Ltg1998

    I don’t think I’ve ever really watched a Rob Zombie film to completion, I found them kind of disturbing, but now I’m interested a little. Is there any specific one that’s good I should watch?

    • Sutter Cane

      Stay away from the Halloweens (or watch them last). Start with House of 1.000 Corpses and then Devil’s Rejects (both are terrific grindhouse fare) and then watch Lords of Salem.

      • Ltg1998

        Thanks for the recommendations, I will have to find them and watch them. I’ve seen a little bit of house of 1.000 corpses
        Not very much but wow, it’s very weird. I’m really excited though, I’ve been searching for some horror films to watch and rented 28 days/28 weeks later bit have yet to watch them cause I wanted to find a few more so I could have a marathon and now I can! Yay.

        I have to ask cause I’m curious, what kind of witches are they for lords of Salem? Are they more American horror story? Or like paranormal activity witches?

        • Sutter Cane

          The witches are nasty pieces of work. I hesitate to really liken them to either group. They are unlike the PA witches in that their presence is central to the plot, whereas in PA they hover at the outskirts and are almost like the demonic presence in that they’re threatening but only glimpsed. They are completely unlike the witches from Coven, who were people with powers and struggled to deal with that fact. These are mean, nasty devil-worshipping monsters hellbent on their revenge.

          • Ltg1998

            They sound really intense, I’m really intrigued in lords of Salem so I’m excited to check it out. I’ve heard it’s a slower type movie going for more atmospheric and slow burn horror instead of his previous movies.

          • bloodyharry

            id compare them to the witches from the original clash of the titans film lol

        • bloodyharry

          there like nasty old lady witches and that film is not for everyone people have called it artsy and boring but I liked it plus the 28 films were some of the best zombie movies and the soundtrack to them was superb

    • Stacy Gartner

      Devils rejects is the best. You have to like the disturbed stuff. Or. Tolerate it atleast. Not a fan of remake on halloween, but others are better.

    • Justin Corillo

      I agree with Sutter… House first then Rejects. Haven’t seen Lords yet because I’ve heard it’s kind of art-house and boring. I don’t recomend the Halloween movies. Kind of like the beginning on the first Halloween right up till Michael is an adult. After that its shit and the actress is horrible as Laurie Strode.

    • bloodyharry

      try and get through house of 1000 corpses and devils rejects yes there are some scenes that may get you but in the end those 2 were well worth it esp. rejects

      • Ltg1998

        I think I saw some of house of 1.000 corpse a few months ago and saw something to do with an underground lair or something and a guy with batwings? And also a guy getting (maybe) scalped by three people.
        But now that everybody says to watch them I will sit through it for the sake of a good horror movie. Which I haven’t been able to find very many, I think the last one I’ve seen was the movie mischief night, which I was so disappointed with, I hope these clear the awful taste left by it.

    • No actually watch the Halloween’s because he brings his own direction style. Just for the cinematography and the fantastic jump scares they deserve much more. Sure, they have their own flaws but overall they are very solid slashers!

  • woodchuck

    Looks more like 3-I , maybe a room # in a psych ward or something, but I don’t think it’s the number 31

    • A Dawg

      Thank you!!! And I is a roman numeral for 1 yes, but XXX is 30 so if it were roman numerals and said 31 it would be typed out as XXXI. It CLEARLY says 3i.

  • Jacob Bullard

    Zombie tweeted about it, guys. It’s definitely 31. Not 3-I.

    • J Jett


      “It’s definitely 31. Not 31.”


      • A Dawg

        He said it’s “31 not 3I.” (the second says 3i with a capital i)

        But he’s wrong.

    • A Dawg

      I don’t care if you went to the future and saw the movie, it clearly says 3i.

  • Rev’rend J. Redhood

    “31” Best not be some clever way of saying Halloween 3… kinda like that sad-ass H2 campaign. Too Horror-Hipster to say Halloween 2 etc. “Like, it’s Halloween 3, and Halloween is on the 31st, I’m so clever…. more beards and rape you say?”

    • A Dawg

      It says 3i

      • tama812

        We get it dude, you think it says 3i.

        • CrossfaceKiller

          lol its like he’s getting paid to “correct” people.

      • Rev’rend J. Redhood

        No, it’s 31…..

      • Rev’rend J. Redhood

        … it doesn’t

  • Johnny Trotman

    Return to horror? What was Lords of Salem? Romantic comedy?

    • Rev’rend J. Redhood

      …..well, I thought it was a pretty big joke. Hyuck hyuck Hyuck.


      After doing Lords of Salem he said he was leaving horror for something different….but a few months back he said he changed his mind and he was writeing a new horror script. So I guess its 31.

      • Kyle

        He didn’t change his mind. He was working on the Broad Street Bullies script for about 2 years. Unfortunately, he wasn’t getting anywhere with the movie so he just put it on hold. Months later he was working on an album of some sort and he came up with an idea for a horror flick, so he called some guys up after that.

      • A Dawg


  • Saren Nevac

    I like original Zombie movies, so this will be great…..hopefully. If the character looks like the poster then its heading in the right direction. Though i wonder if he will hire his wife in this? Seems Zombie is the only one keeping her career going. lol

    • Rev’rend J. Redhood

      Yup, otherwise she’d still be in whatever dank, drug-den, strip-club he scraped her off the floor of. 🙂

  • EvilGenius

    Can’t Wait

  • Krug09

    “In a quick exclusive update, we have confirmed that the title refers to October 31, Halloween night.”

    That’s cool. We need more Halloween themed horror films IMO. I like RZ. I would like to know more about this project though. That trailer and poster tells us nothing.

    • BSaintsVeritas

      I agree the trailer is telling us nothing because all it was showing was his previous works of film he directed,but the poster could be hinting at a prequel to house and devil’s reject or not,we will just have to wait and see what details come out from now til Halloween. should be interesting to see what it is no matter,if the poster is hinting at something or not.

      • Krug09

        That did go over my head about a prequel. The face paint is similar (shaved head too) to CS.

    • J Jett

      Krug, i agree. tbh, this retrospective trailer is just a waste of film/time. i’m definitely open to this new movie and i’m hopeful it will be good but this trailer was more frustrating than it was cool or informative.

    • A Dawg

      How does 3i refer to Oct 31?

      • Krug09

        True but “In a quick exclusive update, we have confirmed that the title refers to October 31, Halloween night.”

  • gozonuts

    How underwhelming! The entire clip is of his plagiarised, garbage career rehash – and then…nothing but a clown face that we have all seen before. I liked his absence.

  • WhoreWhisperer

    John Gacy killed around 31 boys. This could be a cool movie.

    • A Dawg

      What does 31 have to do with 3i?

      • WhoreWhisperer

        You’re right. In my drunkenness I didn’t notice that when I posted. I think I was supposed to go to work yesterday too. What day is it?????

  • gavin_b

    Am I the only person who sat through all of El Superbeasto?

    • devilgod

      I seriously loved it!

      • gavin_b

        Being a fan of Zombie’s original movies and John K’s art, I really wanted to.
        I’ll be interested to see what this 31 business is all about.

        • A Dawg


          • Rafael Goulart

            A Dawg, if you ever use a typewriter (which is the base for the font of the title), you’ll notice there’s no “number 1”, the only way to type a number 1, is to type a capital i. So, it’s actually “31”.

    • yellabonej24 .

      i enjoyed that film

    • bloodyharry

      me to. the first time I watched it I was going through a lot and didn’t appreciate it but recently I rewatched it and loved it!

    • Nope. Probably my favorite film he’s done.

  • J Jett

    i like Rob and i really only like his HALLOWEEN remakes. i’d love to see Rob get out of his comfort zone and stop having every film have trashy scumbag types (which i DO love from time to time! lol) in them. seeing him do a supernatural/ghost movie or a creature feature film or….just ANYTHING different. and i DO very much like Sheri but maybe for this new movie he can cast someone else in the lead role?

  • J Jett

    it looks like a “3” and the capital letter “I” (like “eye”). lol. it definitely doesn’t look like “3” and the number “1”.

    • A Dawg

      Exactly. AndI saw one idiot posting about how “I” is the roman numeral for 1, but it sure as hell don’t say “XXXI.”

      • TheRealWilliamHung

        You realize the person who posted the article also called it “31”
        It’s not even in production yet, who gives a shit what it’s called as long as it’s good. You obviously have a strange passion to correct every person “mistaking” a letter.

    • Jeremy Sharp

      If you do your reasearch and see what zombie says in facebook it is a 31. its called thirty one. and its not a freakin IT film by far. You guys need to reaserch more before you make opinions about the film.

  • Maxime C

    Clowns are back on top.

  • Adam Clifton

    There’s plans for a new Halloween movie coming… Rob Zombie says his new horror movie is about the Halloween holiday… the title 31 is alluding to that… Let’s hope this isn’t his continuation with the Halloween series

    • bloodyharry

      would be weird to see how he would handle a Halloween 3

      • Adam Clifton

        He’d probably have Laurie don the mask and go on a killing spree, riding that white horse and spitting out expletives any chance she gets.

    • A Dawg

      It says 3i.

  • Jonny_anonymous

    I would love fore Zombie to direct a movie version of Joe Hill’s Heart Shaped Box.

  • SXiPPY

    I appreciate Rob’s directing aesthetic, however, I wish the final product of his films were more closer to the works of Ti West and James Wan.

    • viking1983

      you mean shit? ti west is fucking terrible, and rob already wrote the best ending in a horror film ever with devils rejects

  • AmericanWerewolfInAmerica

    By the look of those ears I’d say its Spaulding at 31 yrs old.

    • bloodyharry

      I remember after 1,000 corpses there was talk in the future of making individual movies about Otis, baby, and Spaulding so you may be on to something

      • bloodyharry


        • AmericanWerewolfInAmerica

          it would kick ass. I love a well done prequel to a great character.

    • PonkoWonko

      It is Stephen King’s IT. I’m sure of it!

  • Nicholas Branch

    Just from the poster it looks like it’s going to be insane. Lets have a Halloween holiday themed movie.

  • Kaitaklysm

    A Wayne Gacy themed movie, with him as the director? That would be freakin awesome. His vision for making nasty slasher films is amazing. H1000C & TDR were amazing.

    • Wes Nichols

      I read that as Wayne Gretzgy! lol

  • yellabonej24 .

    i would like to see rob z. do a werewolf film or a supernatural type valentines day film by that i mean. what if in a small town there was a outbreak due to this new brand of cologne/perfume that hit the market. people were using it . turned them into love craze psychopaths that also become obsessed as well. they were start with flu like symptoms then their eyes would scare blood then blood shot pupils then their veins would turn black with black teeth. then they would process advice agility and sense with disfigure bone structure as a final phase. something similar to the movie the crazies with actual monster like elements. that turn half the town into love crazy psychopaths. with a lot of blood, gore, nudity , and some sex scenes. no high school type crowd I’m getting tired of those. i would love to see rob or someone make that type of film

    • Leebo

      He should do a rape revenge movie as he’s perfect at filling his movies with hate-able characters….

  • ThunderDragoon

    I’m already excited for it.

  • Leebo

    Dear God, I hope it doesn’t mean he’s going to do Halloween 3…..

    Hell, his whole “I’m done with horror” thing lasted long, didn’t it……

    • Kyle

      If you don’t like his work then don’t watch them then.

      • guarino2002

        I love Rob Zombies work and even the first halloween but even rob zombie himself said he wasnt going to make a sequel to the movie and when he eventually did it was easily the worst movie in his catalog. I loved his last movie The Lords of Salem and I hope that this is a original movie.

        • Guest

          Alright, well least you gave him some credit. Big fan of his. I’ll support his decision whether he makes good decisions or bad decisions. Don’t burn him for anything. His views are just different from everyone elses. By the way couldn’t help but view your list multiple times.

      • Leebo

        I never said I don’t like his work (Devil’s Reject and his 1st Halloween were fine) – but his H2 was terrible.
        Halloween ALREADY needs rebooting with another LIKEABLE Laurie.

        But let’s look at his body of work : House Of 1000 Corpses – aka The Unofficial Texas Chain Saw Massacre remake, was meh at best.

        Devil’s Rejects – his best film by far.

        Halloween – the 1st half was good, but when it got more into the “remake” section of the movie it went downhill fast.

        Halloween 2 – HORRIBLE. And not in a good way.

        The Lords Of Salem – B O R I N G.

        El Superbeasto – I haven’t seen so can’t comment. It may be amazing, I don’t know.

        Rob Zombie really is an “average at best” director who can make his films “look” nice, but fills them with characters you really don’t like.
        And the best horror movies have bad things happening to people you like – so you care.

        In the original Halloween movies you wanted Laurie to make it – in the remakes you’re willing Michael on to kill the bitch!
        Plus the original Myers didn’t need to be a 7 foot member of Slipknot to be scary.

  • Array Coriers

    Don’t let this be Halloween 3…

  • Adam Clifton

    I’m hoping this isn’t the Halloween 3 that the Weinstein brothers were talking about a month ago. Please let this be a strange coincidence

    • Drool Bear

      Now that you mention that, looking at the title, if you turn the capital “I” sideways, it does make a “H” (don’t know why everyone is referring it as the number 1) and of course the 3 would stand for the 3rd in a series. This could be Halloween 3.

  • Tyra Adlam

    “Nasty and brutal.” Music to my twisted little ears. ^_^

  • Rape is terrible, and Amway has financially raped millions of people:

  • Awesome! I love RZ and his films despite having some minor dialogue problems, have fantastic cinematography and great jumpo scares! I in all honesty cannot wait to see a new horror film based on the rob zombie mind! PArticularly one with clowns!

  • I don’t think including “The Haunted world of El Beasto” was a good idea for this teaser, or whatever promotion it was to get people talking about his upcoming project, considering it ruined the serious tone Zombie was aiming for. However, I do like the atmospheric shots they included from the rest of his previous movies. I hope to one day see the whole “House of 1,000 Corpses” film, but having seen the clips on Youtube for the movie, it looks way too over-the-top and cheesy for me to go along with the ride, but I will hold my reservations until after I watch the film. This new movie “31” looks promising from the poster so I’ll catch up with the updates.

  • Golic

    If his ho talent wife is in it, count me out.

    • Wes Nichols

      you are officially counted out bro sorry. lol but you know she will be.

  • Jeffrey Strobel

    Lords of Salem was awesome. Zombie is one of the few directors still making REAL horror films. I’d rather stand in line for this any day over Paranormal Activity 27, or Twilight. I thought Halloween 2 was brutal..It was a total classic B Film and obvious it impacted audiences cause everyone still bitches about it. I’m totally down and can’t wait for whatever this is going to be.

    • Wes Nichols

      “Twilight” bro you gotta update your popular movie craze references. Divergent is the new tween book series. and yeah I agree though Lords of Salem was awesome. really kicked off the odd witch trend we are seeing. Off topic but I’m almost surprised with a the witch love over the last year we hadn’t heard any Blair Witch reboot or sequel talk. Hollywood loves making easy money. you film it for 1.5 mil release it on a slow week and make bank. Movie won’t be any good but it will be profitable.

  • skratchy

    Wow. Thanks for the 2 minute video that was just a list of Zombie’s crappy previous movies. Yeah, we know what he’s done before.

  • PonkoWonko

    New remake of the movie………: It

    Mark my words guys and girls 😉

    • Guest


      • PonkoWonko

        Just look at the similarities! It can’t be coincidence! A Rob Zombie It movie is going to be fantastic!!

    • Maxime C

      IT’s remakes is already on the works WITHOUT Zombie… You guys need to know what you’re talking about.

  • Oh no, I’m terrified of IT!

  • Heather Misura

    I would love it it he did a remake of IT. All my favorite Stephen King books were made into movies in completely wrong hands. Finally, some justice for IT!!

    • Adam Clifton

      There won’t be any justice for IT if it’s done by Rob Zombie. Look what he did with Halloween and he claimed to be a fan. His plans for a Blob remake was to not have the creature in it all. What would that have been like? A morbidly obese hillbilly eating the townspeople?

      • Doc Stoney

        while saying f*ck every second syllable

        • Heather Misura

          Oh, please, like ‘fuck’ is not already a major part of most horror films! That is not what makes them fail. Was IT not a total lame travesty in its movie form, and could it have been due to the editing and censoring they did during transition of book to film?? Rob Zombie would be the best thing that could happen to IT since the ‘made for TV’ treatment.
          Oh, and fuck Halloween, too. I’m not a fan, and the premise seems too limited for a Rob Zombie project. But I do agree… what’s up with all the covers and remakes?

    • Doc Stoney

      please NO he has destroyed enough already let him go on doing original work where he can make a movie that is at least enjoyable

    • Maxime C

      There’s already plans for an IT remake, no need for Zombie to do something here.

  • Jon Cardona

    It’s about a man that puts on a clown mask and starts killing people duh

  • Tim Gosnell

    Funny if it were Halloween (3) because Michael wore a clown mask in Halloween (I) = 3I

  • Grand Theft длgel hellrazor

    Lords of Salem is very good. Zombies best work in my opinion… the rest is garbage.

    • Weresmurf

      When you place Lords of Salem above The Devils Rejects, you’ve really lost all credibility. All.

      • Grand Theft длgel hellrazor

        Credibility? LOL opinions/tastes on movies are not facts to live by HAHA… Anyway I understand most americans teens enjoy gore-fest or american slasher films far more than eastern haunting or real horror movies that they would find boring and that is fine. To each their own.

    • Matt Hill

      Spot on Grand Theft Angel Hellrazor, Lords of Salem is a freakin modern classic!!!

  • IconOfSin

    Looks to me like a remake of IT. I know it says “31” but the 1 looks like an upper case i. I guess it’s all a matter of opinion but for me Rob is one of the only good guys in horror right now, I like Lords of Salem, The Devils Rejects is amazing & House of 1000 Corpses & Halloween were ok. I’ve never seen El Superbeasto & Halloween 2 was utter gash, despite the brutal kills. Whatever this film is I’ll watch it.

  • Kendrick Lamar Crayton

    People talk about how rob shouldnt make this movie or that movie knowing that they will see it anyway. I personally like remakes it gives you an idea of how someone else can portray a film whether it be good or bad. Im into all the blood and gore.

    If you only like the originals stick to the originals .its not your money your not paying for it so stfu

  • CrossfaceKiller

    Trust me. Its about an actual zombie outbreak on Halloween night.

  • †he Collaboris†

    As dope as it would be to have him direct an IT remake, the IT remake is already in the works and the director of True Detective has signed on.

  • Joshua Alt

    I want it nasty and brutal plus we always need more really amazing Halloween themed films. I love House of 1,000 Corpses but really there is only film I didn’t like that Rob has made is and that’s Halloween 2. I think that this film will be really good, I have faith in Rob Zombie. I didn’t see El Superbeasto but don’t think I’m missing much.

  • Emma Morris

    The mask looks sown on at the top. Anyone get that detail?

  • Twisted 66

    1000 corpses was great! devils rejects awesome, Halloween loved it! Halloween 2..ok but not his best stuff..superbeasto lol was fun for a Saturday morning cartoon kinda feel..lords of salem..utter disappointment :/ I have my fingers crossed for 31..Love Zombie’s Directing and Ideas!

  • Nir Shalev

    Wow. That trailer was for everything BUT the new film, 3I.

    Still, HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and THE DEVIL’S REJECTS are terrific.

  • James Jeewek

    I think it will have to do with John Wayne gacy

  • Cowboy

    That’s so weird.. Was just reading up on John Wayne Gacy and thought Zombie would do the story justice. So I was looking for a contact form when I saw the trailer and thought… that man is always one step ahead of me!

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