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Incredible Video Reveals Secrets of Steven Spielberg’s Continuous Shots!

Close EncountersClose Encounters of the Third Kind of the Third Kind

One of the best videos I’ve come across this month comes courtesy of Tony Zhou, whom edits together an educational video regarding the great Steve Spielberg’s “oners”.

One overlooked aspect of Spielberg is that he’s actually a stealth master of the long take,” explains Zhou. “From Duel to Tintin, for forty years, he has sneakily filmed many scenes in a single continuous shot.

The below video takes us on a journey through Spielberg’s career and shares with us various continuous shots, along with explanations as to why they’re so important to a film’s impact.

You want to learn to appreciate film even more, this is a great place to begin. (note: the above link also carries two more links to a massive breakdown of shots.)



  • DatBus

    Interesting, but this guys narration just sounds arrogant. Was all the cussing really necessary? I sure didn’t enjoy it much.

  • Jawsphobia

    The visual examples are good, as is the overall observation, but there is that smugness and the fact that the narrator cares about supposed “backlash” from talking about Spielberg as a serious artist. There is no backlash. The sort of person who uses the term “manipulative” a lot (usually an old foggie who prefers aloof documentary style or a “film student”) doesn’t actually like cinema. Always is actually quite underrated, either you are with its tone or not. There are a lot of pretenders out there. Michael Bay is also rich, but he is no Simon Wincer, let alone a Steven Spielberg.

  • Craig Richards

    I enjoyed the observations, comparisons and examples, but Mr. Spielberg has always been a masterful storyteller whom Hollywood elite finally embraced. He’s highly regarded by his peers because of his command of more classic and contemporary shooting techniques than most others have head of. Generations from now, his work will be disected by film students the way many now study Hitchcock’s work. Just sayin’.

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