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Five Horror TV/Movie Themes Redone In Major

YouTuber Muted Vocal has taken five iconic horror themes and transposed them from minor to major keys, resulting in a very strange bit of music. Who would’ve thought that Freddy Krueger’s theme from A Nightmare On Elm St. could’ve sounded so jovial? Or that The X-Files would sound like some kind of Christian rock ballad? But what’s best is that Halloween sounds like something that Coldplay would put out.

Listen to the tracks below and hopefully Muted Vocal will make this into a running series because they’re great!



  • marklola12 .

    The x-files one sounds like a piece of background music from the he-man or she-ra cartoons actually haha

  • Khy

    My favorite was the Saw version lol

  • my favorite is the Nightmare On Elm Street one

  • baronterror

    now I want to hear a bunch of upbeat movies transposed to minor

  • MidianGTX

    These all sound like something you’d expect to hear in Twin Peaks.

  • Bad Movie Drinking Game

    The Saw theme now sounds like a medical drama.

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