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Rare ‘Alien3’ Footage Shows David Fincher Working with the Effects Team!

Walt Disney is rolling in his grave.

While we do have a Blu-ray release of David Fincher’s Alien3 featuring all sorts of behind-the-scenes footage, studioADI just released something truly special from their VHS vault.

This never-before-seen footage comes from the prep and rehearsals of the Bishop puppet shoot complete with direction from Fincher! You get to be a fly on the wall and watch movie magic in the making as Lance Henriksen’s pre-recorded audio is played in the background while Fincher directs the puppet’s movements right down to the eyes blinking. It’s really interesting to hear Fincher work through the “performance” as he aims for certain words to land with a stronger impact.

This is amazing stuff, and like watching one of Disney’s animatronic puppets if it were from hell.




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