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Meet ‘The Nurse’ in Scary Short That Just Won ‘Conjuring’ Universe Contest

Annabelle. The Nun. The Crooked Man. The Nurse.

The really cool thing about The Conjuring Universe is that the films share not only characters and storylines, but also a visual style. David F. Sandberg’s Annabelle: Creation, for example, very much feels like a James Wan film, with an overall aesthetic that links it directly to The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2.

As we told you last month, Sandberg and the Annabelle: Creation team launched a contest that allowed YOU to make your own Conjuring Universe short film, with the winner receiving a trip to LA to meet with Sandberg or a New Line executive.

Julian Terry‘s short film The Nun, made in less than 4 days, has just been selected as the US winner. In the short, a young girl in a hospital comes face to face with the titular character, a villain plucked right out of a James Wan movie. Like Annabelle: Creation, Terry’s short feels like it belongs in that universe, so it’s not hard to see why it won.

Check out the scary short below!

Winners from MX, CO, UK & SE will be announced soon.

Be sure to follow David F. Sandberg on Twitter to see some his favorite submissions.



  • john

    An FYI about this, Red Letter Media dug into the rules for this contest.

    1) You are not guaranteed a meeting with anyone in Hollywood. If the players in question are unavailable on the day chosen, the meeting your won can be cancelled and DOES NOT have to be rescheduled.
    2) If Warner Bros/New Line decide to option your idea and develop it, they only owe you $50 for a 3-year hold to do anything they’d like with your film and ideas.
    3) If they decide to actually produce your film, they will give you an additional $50.

    (A film from this franchise just made $35 mil opening weekend. And they, in theory, could do the same again with someone else’s ideas for only $100.)

    Talk about scary.

    • Leonard Vaxine

      Read the director of Annabelle: Creation’s response:

      • john

        Interested. Thanks!

      • chuck

        I feel bad for the guy, for sure he was duped into marketing this and WB had to get their greedy fingers into something that SHOULD have been a fun experience.

    • Necro

      That’s fucked up!

    • chuck

      Yep, that is some shady ass shit. I would feel bad bad bad about promoting that garbage.

    • Biscoito18

      What a mess!

    • Khy

      WB: Hurry up bitches! We need ideas! We’ll pay you $100 for a movie idea we’ll take and make $100 million world wide and you won’t even get credited.

    • Saturn

      Kinda similar with what Limp Bizkit did a few years back when auditioning for a new guitarist – having people signs contracts that the band would “own” any original riffs used by those who auditioned.

      It’s a shitty way to the movie makers to make more money from someone else’s original ideas.

  • Warner Bros should produce a movie about the Nurse instead the Crooked Man, because he’s not scary at all.

    • chuck

      Well im sure they will, and that lucky winner will get $100 dollars for his effort! ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!! WHAT A DEAL!!

      • WHAT THE F*CK?????
        Only 100$?! Even “Poortugal” has better prizes!

    • Mike Riley

      I figured 1 spinoff per Conjuring flick was enough. Annabelle & The Nun seemed like enough. How in depth can a story about a creepy lamp be?

  • Andre

    You really shouldn’t put a still of the payoff shot of a horror film as the thumbnail. Just my opinion.

    • That’s what I was thinking. I hate when they make sloppy decisions on this website

  • Gabbi Cordero

    it never ceases to amaze and amuse the fellating praise heaped upon james wan. so they intentionally pack in as many spooky avatars for evil in a movie just to spin them off later and call them icons, the same way they force feed these spinoffs and call it a universe. let’s take conjuring 2: the crooked man, the nun… is there any reason these faces of evil exist if it’s just a demon the whole time? you can just hear the producer nudging the director to put in these pointless characters just to legitimize spinoffs, all in the name of a “universe” because you know avengers money… I remember hearing how the studio (the same studio as conjuring) wanted kevin smith to pack in as many side characters and vehicles in Superman Lives for merchandising. Yet this same motivation is applied to horror and is somehow worthy of respect and applause. Which if everyone’s savior, James Wan is the innovator of this scheme, that makes him culpable, if he’s just going along to get along, that makes him complicit. Not much of a hero


      You know what they say about opinions. I happen James wan and his universe. At least he’s not remaking old 90s bullshit films like everyone else.

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