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Matthew McConaughey Was Originally the Hero In ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation’!

Not only did Renée Zellweger get her start in Kim Henkel’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, but so did Matthew McConaughey.

While the duo originally looked back at the film with regret, even allegedly attempting to get it pulled from release, they’ve since come around. It’s this movie that helped them get their foot in the door, and it’s nice to see them both come around and embrace their part in horror history.

Bloody regular Mike M. sent us this fun 2011 interview with McConaughey from an appearance on George Stroumboulopolous Tonight where he discusses how he came to star in The Next Generation. It’s a wild story about his early acting days and how he initially was cast as a “Romeo” character that would appear at the beginning and end of the film, to save Zellweger’s Jenny. It wasn’t until he tried to get his friends to audition for the villainous Vilmer that he realized that he wanted the role. The rest is history. Here’s McConaughey in his own words…



  • MrX13

    Even though one of the weakest in the TCM movies, that was still a fun movie to watch. McConaughey was fun to watch in that movie.

    • In my opinion, it’s the weakest by far (but that’s just me). Even Texas Chainsaw 3D was more competently made, to be honest.

      • MrX13

        I would put TC3D before Next Generation. sounds about right

        • My personal ranking –
          8. Next Generation
          7. Texas Chainsaw 3D
          6. TCM3
          5. The Beginning
          4. Leatherface (2017)
          3. TCM2
          2. 2003 remake
          1. The original

          • MrX13

            My list would be the same with one switch:
            (I haven’t seen Leatherface (2017)
            7. Next Generation
            6. Texas Chainsaw 3D
            5. TCM3
            4. The Beginning (2006)
            3. TCM2
            2. 2003 remake
            1. The original

  • Necro

    Haha! What a cool story to share! I love hearing stories like that, another one is not related to this, but I love hearing how bands came up with their name. Anyway I’m glad they ‘came around’ and embrace the fact that they were apart of this film and the genre, especially where it’s where they got their acting start. Life is fucked up and you never know what’s coming around the bend. That being said if all of a sudden if they found themselves and their career in peril what genre do you think they’re going to find themselves coming back to? Exactly, Horror! Be careful what bridges you burn, especially professional ones! But especially McConaughey, dude can seriously act and I’d love to see him do more Horror films! You know one role I personally thought he would’ve killed (pun intended) was ‘Patrick Bateman’ in ‘American Psycho’. In particular the one scene where the character is doing his workout and in the background on his tv you see he’s doing that workout to ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’! Would’ve been pretty fitting considering he was in a ‘Texas Chainsaw’ film had he been playing the role.

  • Se_7_eN

    McConaughey is one of the best nut jobs I have seen in a movie… I really wish he would do more.

    He is great in TCM and Killer Joe.

  • Thank god he didn’t play the hero. McCounaughey’s deranged performance was the only redeeming quality in that film, and even he was nowhere near enough to make it watchable.

  • Forca84

    Renee Zellweger was into the Austin, Texas Rock and Roll scene. Her Boyfriend was Sims Ellison of the band Pariah. They were a popular couple. He killed himself shortly after they broke up. It’s ancient history but I only just read up on it.

  • Will Coors

    It’s awesome to hear him talk about it, I love when the more bigger stars recognize their horror work

  • HalesTales

    I’m of the rare opinion that I really enjoy The Next Generation second to the original. I’m so glad Matthew had the idea to go back and read for Vilmer because without his energy and sinister swagger the movie might not have been so enjoyable.

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