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Gillian Anderson Shares Hilarious Vintage “X-Files” Christmas Commercial

Think about it. The polar base. The hyper light travel. Is Santa Claus…


That’s the question posed by Mulder in this hilarious vintage TV spot for “The X-Files, shared by Gillian Anderson over on Twitter this week. The video, which I personally don’t recall ever seeing before, ponders if the jolly old elf is actually a benevolent extraterrestrial, which sounds like the premise for the best “X-Files” episode ever.

You may remember that the show featured Christmas-themed episodes in Season 5 (“Christmas Carol”), Season 6 (“How the Ghosts Stole Christmas”) and Season 7 (“Sein und Zeit”), but there wasn’t actually an episode centered on Mulder and Scully’s attempt to track down the real-life Santa Claus. Bummer, isn’t it?

In any event, we can only assume this vintage TV ad aired on FOX during the holiday season back in the ’90s, possibly ahead of one of the aforementioned episodes.

Enjoy this fun blast from the past!



  • The One and Only

    I actually remember this from back in the day. Good times.

  • ToryK

    …I need this to be an episode.

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