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Fan Uploads 1991 Special “MTV Presents: This is Horror” in Entirety, with Retro Commercials!

Next time you find yourself with a free hour, we invite you to travel back to 1991.

I can only imagine that many young horror fans discovered new favorites thanks to the TV special “MTV Presents: This is Horror,” which featured interviews with masters like Stephen King, Wes Craven and Brian Yuzna, and showed off clips from a handful of horror gems including Re-Animator, The Hills Have Eyes and The Gate.

The special, produced and directed by John Simmons, had originally aired in 1989, and the Stephen King portions were actually taken out of a previous special titled “Stephen King’s World of Horror.” We bring it up today because, as spotted over on Reddit, one fan has taken it upon himself to upload the entire vintage broadcast to YouTube!

And yes, it has all the original commercials included within!



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