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Hexed #1 Free to Read on Myspace Comics Same Day as Print Release

In a quite a gutsy move, Boom Comics is releasing their new series Hexed #1 on myspace comics and in print on the same day, Wednesday January 7. You can read the FULL issue for FREE on myspace starting Wednesday. This might seem like a crazy business decision for Boom but there studies show sales go up 30 percent by doing this. I encourage more comic companies to do this to get more people interested in new series. I just wish myspace’s comic section wasn’t so horribly laid out…just awful. More information after the jump.
January 7th, HEXED #1 debuts]
[read it for free]

On January 7th HEXED #1 hits comic shops across the nation, at the same time, you’ll be able to read it on MySpace Comic Books for free. Each issue after that will be in stores and online on the same day. To the comic fans out there who have never read a BOOM! book before? This is the one for you. We encourage you to try it before you buy it with HEXED #1, we encourage you to try it online, and if you like it, we want you to go into comic shops and buy a copy.



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