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Black Friday Chopping List: Other Goodies



Chopping List

Black Friday is more than just the day after Thanksgiving or an unofficial holiday begging for its own 80s style slasher. No, Black Friday is a huge boon for retailers. In fact, the day got its name (supposedly) for being when stores would go from profits “in the red” to “in the black”. Over the years, it’s also become a massive cluster-fuck of rabid shoppers and disgruntled teenage employees who’d rather be somewhere downing eggnog. More than a few drops of blood seem to get shed annually as well. See? SLASHER – MOVIE. Sometimes, there are amazing deals to be found on the day, but it’s hard to know where to look. Not every store releases their ad paper in advance. For Black Friday 2018, I’m going to try and ease some that stress for you, fiends. I’ve scoured the internet to try and find the best deals, specials, and must have gifts for any horror obsessive this Pagan holiday season (Google it).


Mondo has been churning out collectible goodies for years now. Based out of Austin, the company whose origins began as a t-shirt shop tucked away in the unused ticket booth of the Alamo Drafthouse, quickly found their true calling with the creation of gig-style posters to help promote various screenings of classic flicks. Now a new Mondo poster is met with great fanfare and fervent purchasing from their fans. Of course, the brand has extended beyond shirts and posters to include enamel pins, vinyl soundtracks, and even a brand spankingly new and awesome looking board game.

The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31
The Thing Mondo Board Game

If you missed out on the Mondo Exclusive Edition of this board game, fear not, a standard edition is already available through retailers (though the website lists the purchase as a “pre-order” currently).  The gameplay sounds like a more horror leaning version of the classic Clue. Based on John Carpenter’s The Thing, players must navigate the alien-infested confines of Outpost 31 while attempting to decipher who among them has been taken over by the shapeshifting monstrosity. Retails for $60

The Art of Mondo 

Mondo posters can be pricey, especially if you attempt to purchase from a third party seller after a specific print has sold out. That said, a majority of their pieces are works of art in every aspect of the word and deserve to be treated as such. If you happen to be missing a piece from your collection that’s long out of print, The Art of Mondo is your best bet. I was lucky enough to receive a copy, and I’ve got to say it’s genuinely a beauty to behold. Over 300 pages of large, glossy poster art collected chronologically is a delight to flip through. Follow along as the art of Mondo evolves from the simple designs to help promote a film and music festival to licensed and fully realized works that celebrate your favorite cinema classics. The book is currently on sale at Amazon for only $50.72, though a special Deluxe Edition will be released on Black Friday!

Last but not least, in conjunction with Death Waltz Records you can nab Box of Souls – A Nightmare on Elm Street 8XLP Box Set. The set contains the original soundtracks from each of the 8 films from the series. The packaging makes this a piece well worth display in your collection, resembling Freddy’s bare chest with the faces of fallen souls by the hand of the nightmare demon screaming to break free.

Box Of Sould Black Friday

While Mondo typically holds a sale on archived prints for Black Friday, this year their aim instead will be releasing new items. Of note for BD readers will be a Paranorman enamel pin.


Cavity Colors

All “Cyber Hell” will break loose this Thursday at 5 PM EST! That’s because the appropriately christened company Cavity Colors will be launching their massive annual event, Cyber Hell. Everything storewide will be on sale between 35% – 75% off. The sale will continue through to Monday at 11:59 PM, though, patrons can save a little by shopping during the first 24 hours. Shipping in the US will be free for the first day.

There will be a number of enamel pin restocks including several from the Evil Dead collection as well as leftover stock from certain limited releases, including our very own Bloody Disgusting tee…which I don’t even have one yet! To grab these you will likely need to act fast as stock and size options are low.

Fright Rags

Right now on the Fright Rags homepage, a banner at the top reveals a countdown with the the line “Our biggest sale of the year is coming!” From CreepshowTrick ‘r Treat, and even Goosebumps, Fright Rags has something special for every horror fanatic on you Holiday shopping list. I’ve been informed that all socks, pins, and box sets will be sold 50% off come Black Friday. While it doesn’t seem like all the shirts sitewide will carry the steep discount, I was promised that a “ton” of them will be half off. You’ll even be able to nab a “Tee of Mystery” for only nine buckaroos.

Personally, my eyes are locked in on the “Vintage Halloween Collection”  which features Samhain boogeymen heavy-hitters Sam and Michael in retro styled tees. There’s also the Monstervision shirts, because who wouldn’t want Joe Bob Briggs’s mug plastered across your chest?

Hopefully, I’ve given you a few good gift ideas, whether those special ones in your life are art lovers or simply never leave the house in anything other than jeans and a t-shirt. Still, if you’re left with a few more names on your list – maybe this group will point you in the right direction.

Horror Candles

Every year around this time I get into a craftsy, Martha Stewarty mood. It begins simple enough with cooking around Halloween as I tear through as many pumpkin recipes as I possibly can. By the time Christmas has come and gone my kitchen looks like a Hobby Lobby has imploded in on itself. I make candles for gifts. Mostly they’re for those I appreciate but don’t feel like spending any real money on. That’s not to take away from the gift itself as candles are a good deal of work and the process of crafting them can be somewhat therapeutic. I even concoct the aromas and names based off a number of horror films. “Norma” smells like fresh baked cookies, “Swamp Thing” like moss and patchouli, and “Pumkinhead” smells like the rotten sweetness of pumpkin pie with hints of dirt. All this to say, I have no Etsy shop…yet. But, I truly believe candles can make a perfect gift for a horror fan. Who doesn’t like their shit to smell nice? Even better if you can tie them into the receivers own interests. Below are a couple I was able to track down online.

Cavity Candles

Again, our friends at Cavity Colors come through! Their candles are all hand-poured, 100% soy wax (which means they won’t emit carbon soot like regular paraffin candles). Bonus, each jar candle comes with a colorful decorative label that perfectly matches with the Cavity Color brand. Catch them in “Mystery Scent”, “Re-agent” and more! Hopefully, these won’t be left out of the sale this year.

Horror Decor

The site, Horror Decor, offers a wide array of oddball homegoods for lovers of the macabre. You can easily marry your obsessions with design and decay by clicking through their offerings. On the flickering flame front, they have “An Offering to Krampus” scented candle and wax melt that promises a ” blend of mistletoe, frankincense, myrrh, and a subtle hint of pine.” The idea of a pleasant fragrance with the added benefit of warding off Christmas’s most evil demonic force is super, but even cooler are these VHS wax melts complete with “Be Kind, Rewind” smiley faces! The cassettes smell like soda while the smileys contain the buttery aroma of popcorn. Pop these in your wax warmer and throw in a Vinegar Syndrome blu and prepare to get whisked away to your childhood evenings spent at the video store.

At the end of the day, horror is big business and retailers have finally started to take notice. Even Wal-Mart carries a seasonal t-shirt with Freddy and Jason chilling by the Christmas Tree! So, no matter how you plan to spend your Black Friday, rest easy knowing your loved ones have plenty of options when it comes to scrambling to find a gift just right for you. And as our very own frequent commenter Creepshow has pointed out, if you don’t like it – there’s always those trusty gift receipts.