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Production Designer Writing Book About Making of ‘Elm Street 4: Dream Master’



All the stories you’ve never heard.

This coming August marks the 30th anniversary of director Renny Harlin’s A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, my personal favorite installment in the franchise as well as the highest grossing film from the original series. The film was already covered in the doc Never Sleep Again, but now it’s getting a book all to itself!

The Dream Master production designer Mick Strawn and author Blake Best have begun work on a comprehensive book chronicling the making of the Elm Street franchise’s fourth installment, and interviews for it have already begun. Makeup effects artists Steve Johnson and Bart Mixon are already on board, with more names being announced soon.

This book is going to address some things that Nightmare on Elm Street fans the world over are just dying to know,” Best teases. “We know what went on in front of the camera. But do we know what went on behind the scenes? I can guarantee these stories you have never heard. We are so excited to bring this information to you. To share these stories with you.”

The plan is to release the book in August 2018.

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