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Tom Holland is Writing ‘Fright Night 3’ Book, But Amazon Listing is Fake



Last year, Fright Night writer/director Tom Holland revealed that the rights to the Fright Night film franchise would soon be “coming back to papa,” part of the US Congress’ Copyright Act of 1976. In short, the act granted artists the possibility to reclaim previously licensed works after 35 years… 2019, for Fright Night.

But before all that (potentially) happens, a new book is on the way!

Holland is actively working on Fright Night 3, in the form of a novel, but he warns on Twitter this week that the book’s Amazon listing is *not* real. According to Amazon, Holland’s Fright Night: Resurrection will be released on February 20, 2018.

The Amazon page offering Fright Night 3 the novel is a complete farce,” Holland tweeted. “I’ve been getting many messages lately because according to the page the release is coming up. Sorry all but that page is NOT me. I’m still writing the book and loving every minute.”

Holland continued, “I contacted the Publisher listed. They say the page was not set up by them either. Amazon wouldn’t give me any details about the origins of the page.”

Holland recently teased that Charley and Amy will be back in Fright Night 3, which maybe isn’t really titled Fright Night Resurrection and definitely isn’t releasing Feb 20.

So you might want to cancel that pre-order, in the event that you placed one.


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