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Upcoming Book ‘Blonde, Beautiful, and Dead’ Explores the Murder Mystery that Inspired “Twin Peaks”



No, Laura Palmer wasn’t a real person, but the murder mystery at the center of David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” was actually inspired by a real-life case. Story goes that co-creator Mark Frost was told about the 1908 murder of Hazel Irene Drew by his grandmother as a child, which ended up serving as the basis for “Twin Peaks.”

David Bushman, a “Twin Peaks” mega fan and host of a podcast about the show, dives deep into the mystery surrounding Drew’s unsolved murder in Blonde, Beautiful, and Dead: The Murder Mystery That Inspired Twin Peaks, a Metabook scheduled for release in 2019 that promises to be a compelling read for all fans of the series.

Like the character of Laura Palmer, the young woman at the center of this mystery led a sort of double life and ultimately met a tragic fate,” Bushman said in a press release this week. “Her story is a provocative tale in its own right.”

The upcoming Metabook will feature its own score, previewed below.

Bushman co-wrote the book with Mark Givens.

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