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There’s Currently a Legal Battle Over the Rights to ‘The Mist,’ Which Stephen King Says He Now Owns



Both the 2007 movie and the 2017 TV series titled The Mist were of course adaptations of a Stephen King novella originally published back in 1980, and the ownership rights to that story are now being contested in a legal battle, Wall Street Journal informs us this week.

The movie and television series were produced by Dimension Films, a division of the Weinstein Company. Of course, the Weinstein Co. collapsed earlier this year in the wake of Harvey Weinstein being exposed as a total creep, and it was Lantern Capital Partners who swooped in to acquire Dimension’s assets. Which would include The Mist… right?

Therein lies the dilemma. According to a filing this week, King actually regained the rights to his novella in June 2017, his attorney says, *before* the collapse of the Weinstein Co.

Since the rights to the novella weren’t actually part of the package that Lantern Capital Partners scooped up, King’s representation says, he is now the sole owner of the story.

Wall Street Journal further explains, “In Tuesday’s filing, Mr. King’s attorney said Lantern informed the author in October that it didn’t intend to assume contracts related to the movie versions of “The Mist” and “1408,” based on a short story. But Lantern said at the time that it did intend to hold onto the rights to “The Mist,” court papers say.”

The future of any Mist-related projects, needless to say, hangs in the balance.

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