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5 Great Horror Comics You Should Read by September Mourning



For as much as people want to talk about how remakes and reboots are a thing, I think we’re forgetting that TV and movies are also taking a lot of inspiration and stories from comics. A multitude of one-offs and series are being adapted, much to the delight of their audiences. Well, when done right, of course.

But how aware are you of some of these comics? Clearly there are some obvious ones out there but that doesn’t mean that a few haven’t potentially slipped past you. And here to bring you some suggestions on what to read to get caught up with the genre is hard rock band September Mourning, who have listed five of their own personal favorite horror comics, which you can see below.

The band is gearing up to release their new studio album Volume II next Friday, the 29th, via Sumerian Records. Just like with their previous album, Volume II will also have a limited edition comic book that follows the story began in Volume I‘s “A Murder of Reapers”. Frontwoman Emily Lazar explains:

Volume II follows our hero, September Mourning’s tale throughout the second issue of the comic book entitled, The Hand of Fate. Both forms of media intertwine to create a musical and visual story mosaic for your eyes and ears. Although September’s character is fictional, both the emotional landscape of the music and the message behind her lyric come from a very vulnerable place inside of me. In this album, I intertwined these supernatural characters with my own very real, relatable thoughts and feelings. There are pieces of myself magnified in every dynamic shift and bombastic hook in this album and you feel that when you listen. The world that’s created promises you an epic ride.

The comic is the brainchild of Lazar and acclaimed American comic book artist and publisher Marc Silvestri (X-Men, Witchblade, The Darkness). It comes out via Top Cow Productions.

You can pre-order Volume II via Amazon or get the bundle with the comic right here.

30 Days of Night

If you like your vampires more on the menacing side rather than the glitter in the sunlight side, then you will love this comic. Gruesome, gory and suspenseful… Putting a twist on the dark days and nights of Alaska’s winter.


The Walking Dead

If I have to explain this one, you must be living under a rock… Zombies vs the last hope of the human race with a ton of psychological depth mixed right in.



A man of God is possessed by a half angel/ half demon being and ends up destroying his church and congregation.. Driven by his own moral compass and questions of good versus evil he pairs up with his old girlfriend and an alcoholic vampire in search of answers and God. Talk about blurring the lines of right and wrong…. This book keeps you guessing which side you might really be on.


Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

Johnny C is a murderer that keeps getting away with his crimes. Is he crazy? Is he possessed? I’ll tell you what he is … Really dark, twisted and funny.



Robert Kirkmam, author of the Walking Dead, strikes again .. This time he explores possession. If your whole family suffered from some sort of demonic possession you’d probably be asking why… Well so does our protagonist Kyle Barnes… And with the help of a clergyman he attempts to solve the mystery while discovering his own peculiar talents.


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