'X-Men' Spinoff 'Gambit' Pulls the Ace of Spades! - Bloody Disgusting
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‘X-Men’ Spinoff ‘Gambit’ Pulls the Ace of Spades!



Fox’s X-Men spinoff, Gambit, is gaining momentum as Lizzy Caplan is in talks to be the first to star alongside previously announced Channing Tatum, Variety reports. While details of her part are being kept under wraps, she is in the fact the female lead.

Tatum stars as Gambit, a ragin’ Cajun whose ability to control kinetic energy enables him to weaponize playing cards and other projectiles. He’s also pretty handy with a bō staff. In the comics, Gambit was a member of thieves guild before joining the X-Men.

Pirates of the Caribbean and The Ring director Gore Verbinski will slide behind the camera on the film. It’s eyeing a Feb. 14, 2019 debut. Fox is releasing the film as part of its continued expansion of the cinematic mutant universe.

Caplan is an Emmy nominee for “Masters of Sex,” the acclaimed Showtime drama about sex researchers that aired from 2013 to 2016. Her film credits include Cloverfield, 127 Hours, Now You See Me 2, and Allied. Her upcoming films include The Disaster Artist and Extinction, a science-fiction thriller film with Michael Pena.