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‘Deadpool’ Creator Rob Liefeld Sells Universe to Netflix!



For the many who don’t know, Rob Liefeld is a huge name in the comic book world. He was one of the original artists to leave behind Marvel and form Image with the likes of Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, and others. He’s not only a ridiculously interesting artist, he’s also a creative force who is the visionary behind New Mutants characters Deadpool and Cable, as well as Image’s Youngblood. He was part of the early resistance and his impact is part of the reason comic-to-film is as large as it is today. He’s being rewarded with a 7-figure deal directly with Netflix to bring many of his other creations to life.

The streaming giant has signed a deal with Liefeld for his Extreme Universe characters, with the intent being a Marvel-style series of movies existing in a shared universe, THR explained. Liefeld’s Extreme Universe characters debuted in the early 1990s when the creator left Marvel after his fan-favorite New Mutants and X-Force runs, where the central characters of Fox’s Deadpool movies — including the second film’s Cable and Domino — debuted. Concepts and characters in the Extreme package include superhero teams Brigade and Bloodstrike, as well as solo characters such as Lethal, Cybrid, and Kaboom.

I guess we’ll get to see his Wolverine-esque Deadlock realized on screen!

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