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Check Out Six Different Covers for Issue #1 of Brand New Elvira Comic Book Series!



With Elvira: Mistress of the Dark getting ready to hit Blu-ray, an Elvira-themed popup shop opening in Hollywood and Elvira-branded cereal(!) on the way from Funko, you could say that the Mistress of the Dark is still as popular and relevant today as she was back in her heyday. She’s never really gone anywhere, and that just warms our hearts.

As we learned last year, Dynamite Entertainment is bringing Elvira back to the world of comic books with brand new series Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, coming this Summer!

Via Comic Book Club, “New tales of the gothic beauty with the razor-sharp wit will be making their way to comic shops this July.”

They detail the series…

“The Mistress of the Dark has become unstuck in time and crashes Mary Shelley’s monster weekend, beginning an epic journey through horror history, stalked by the most terrifying nightmare to ever walk the Earth. Writer David Avallone (Bettie Page, Doc Savage, Twilight Zone) and Dave Acosta (Doc Savage) bring you the thrills, chills and double-entendres in the first chapter of this four-issue miniseries.”

I really want to capture the essence of what Cassandra Peterson created and bring it faithfully to the comics page,” explains writer David Avallone. “The story is a horror tale (or a quartet of connected horror tales) with a nightmarish villain and danger and action… but at its center is this wise-cracking, plucky, sexy, unflappable heroine. Elvira is incredibly charming and funny and delightful and she maintains that in the face of whatever happens.”

Check out the six covers for Issue #1 below!

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