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First Look: It’s Frank Castle vs. the World in New ‘Punisher’ Comic Book Series



We’re getting serious Dolph Lundgren vibes from this cover art.  And we like it.

Not only is Frank Castle returning to Netflix for a second season, but The Punisher will also be back this year in a brand new comic series penned by Matthew Rosenberg and with art by Riccardo Burchielli. The series was previewed over on Marvel’s website today, along with our first look at the Issue #1 cover from artist Greg Smallwood.

Rosenberg teased the series in a chat with the site, noting that Frank is going back to basics after the War Machine arc. “With some of the biggest villains in his sights, the best heroes on his tail and every nation on high alert, this is Frank Castle against the world.”

He further teased, “We’re going to get back to Frank Castle with a handgun and a knife, stalking the streets of New York, and getting his hands dirty. But we’re also going to see a man who has changed from his time in the armor. He developed a taste for bigger game and larger targets, and he’s not going to give that up easily. So in a sense it’s back to basics — but on a bigger scaleWe’re going to have seen him travel overseas to overthrow a government and kill a world leader, and then come back home and go toe-to-toe with some of the most powerful people in the Marvel Universe.”

Issue #1 arrives August 1st. Check out the cover art below.


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