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‘Venom’ is Both Vicious and Hilarious In the New Footage Shown at Comic-Con



Eyes. Lungs, pancreas, so many snacks. So little time.

After a bumpy start, the Venom hype train is approaching dangerous speeds. The newest trailer was unveiled to the Comic-Con audience in San Diego and delivered all the “R”-rated goods. Field reporter Rafael Motamayor is reporting live from the event and has just sent in this wild description of the footage, which not only gives our first ever look at the symbiote known as Riot (who can apparently jump hosts), but ends with Venom devouring someone! Oh, and Venom (not Brock) delivers a one-liner!

“We just saw extended Venom footage and it features a whole lot more of the symbiote antihero. We start with a scene with Tom Hardy’s Eddie going to a bodega and talking to the store’s owner. Then we jump ahead to Eddie meditating to control the “parasite” in his body that also talks to him, and we see flashes of fight scenes and Eddie running through the woods, and Riz Ahmed’s character talking about human-symbiote hybrids being the future of mankind.

“Eddie and Venom look like a fun dynamic, with the symbiote being used as an extension of Eddie’s body and creating extra limbs to attack his enemies while on a motorcycle chase. Then the parasite forces Eddie’s body to act by covering him and making him 7 feet tall and with a ridiculously long tongue. The audience in Hall H at Comic-Con went nuts at the sight of the full Venom as he rips his enemies apart and regenerates all his wounds.

We also got a symbiote-on-symbiote battle, with Venom fighting Riot, from the Planet of the Symbiote arc. Riz Ahmed becomes the other symbiote, and he sees the two giants fighting and tearing each other apart while they instantly regenerate. The director also confirmed this symbiote can jump hosts, so you can expect him to keep showing up. Venom is also apparently funny, and has one-liners such as “Eyes. Lungs, pancreas, so many snacks. So little time.” The trailer ends up back at the bodega, with Eddie in full Venom body threatening a costumer and apparently devouring him after proclaiming “we are Venom”.

There still appears to be a lot of secrets being held back. For instance, is Riot the only symbiote or will we see all five? What about Carnage? Is there going to be a female symbiote, which was expected since the early casting stages?  One thing is for certain, it appears they totally got this right.  Ruben Fleischer looks to have delivered a deadpan serious film that’s injected with organic fun and humor. The best of all combinations.  WE ARE VENOM.

In theaters October 5, 2018.

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