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[Giveaway] Win ‘PUBG MOBILE’ x ‘Resident Evil 2’ Code Bundles To Celebrate the New Crossover Event



Battle Royale loot shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (aka PUBG) is doing pretty well for itself on mobile (like 30 million daily active users and 200 million downloads in just eight months kinda well) , but like any long-running live service game, it needs some juicy events to keep players coming back or indeed to entice curious newcomers.

So how about a crossover with Capcom’s hugely successful Resident Evil 2 remake for a special zombie-themed event filled with Resi 2 goodies? How about winning a bundle of themed skins and costumes for PUBG MOBILE?

Thanks to PUBG Corp and Tencent Games we have three sets of PUBG MOBILE x Resident Evil 2 code bundles to give away. These codes will work for Android or iOS devices, but will only be open to North American users.

Each bundle contains the following for PUBG MOBILE.

  • Leon Skin Set
  • Claire Skin Set
  • Ada Costume
  • Resident Evil 2 themed weapon skin

To enter, simply follow the instructions found in this tweet. The giveaway closes on February 28 at 23:59.

The new Survive Till Dawn event is out now in PUBG MOBILE and features three days and two nights in one 30-minute round that features 60 players within the usual PUBG MOBILE game structure. Players will encounter multiple types of zombies and monsters from the Resident Evil series such as Police, Licker, and G1 Tyrant as well as other zombies created by the PUBG MOBILE team.

As Survive till Dawn turns from day through dusk and into night time, the zombies become considerably more aggressive and will pose a significant challenge for PUBG MOBILE players. During the day players can defeat zombies from long range and conduct farming. Dusk preps the players for fighting as zombies become more dangerous and visibility drops. Night time sees the zombies become enraged and players will have limited PvP engagements due to very low visibility. The legendary Resident Evil 2 characters G (Stage 1) and Tyrant will also appear through random spawning during night time. Also, players can win Leon and Claire skin sets, and Ada and Marvin costumes in-game.

PUBG MOBILE is out now on Android and iOS devices. Resident Evil 2 is also out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.




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