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Halloween Treat #7: Best Halloween Pranks on YouTube!



In real life, the closest we can really come to living out our horror movie fantasies is to scare the living crap out of those near and dear to us and making them think they’re about to get brutally slashed to death. In that spirit – and with our favorite holiday right around the corner – B-D’s Chris Eggertsen recently went through an exhaustive search on YouTube to come up with some of the best examples of Halloween pranks the `net has to offer. But exercise caution while browsing – you just might become the victim of a prank yourself.
In my younger years I greatly enjoyed pulling cruel pranks on my friends, neighbors, and loved ones; from scaring the living shit out of my own mother to compelling a close chum into believing that a murderous, knife-wielding stalker was out to kill her (ok, I admit I maybe went a little too far), there’s just something in the thrill of the prank that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And what better time of year to indulge in your inner trickster than the Halloween season? Many have tried, some have failed, others have bought their friends to the brink of insanity (sorry, Lori), and loads more have posted video evidence on YouTube for the whole world to view! With that in mind, I decided to cull through the web’s premiere video-sharing site to see what goodies I could come up with…and below you’ll find a few of the highlights.

Their reactions seem staged to me, but that doesn’t make the sight of a skeleton riding on a motorcycle any less awesome.

This year’s plan: a child robot that actually murders people.

These guys get extra points for using Primus music in their intro.

Had this scenario concluded the same way for Michael Myers, Halloween would’ve ended with him getting grounded.

I have no idea who Nikki and John are, but they’d like you to follow them on Twitter.

This poor guy is never getting laid again.

There’s really no better way to tell your children “I love you” than by traumatizing the shit out of them.

The staffers at World News Tonight could probably try this on Diane Sawyer, except they’d have to implant the “fear” chip in her mainframe first.

Am I the only sick bastard who was hoping that little girl at 0:45 would fall in the fire pit?

It’s kind of like a ghetto Friday the 13th.

Fun times at the trailer park…

I don’t know about you, but I definitely saw her nipples through that sensible peach-colored sweater.

“Recycle this, bitch!”

First mistake: taking the mask off when he jumped out of the box.

Believe it or not, the guy was 100% straight until this happened.

Aw, give the poor girl a break! She’s fragile.

I don’t know what the fuck this, but it reminds me of a nightmare I had once after doing too much Ecstasy.


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