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Special Feature: ‘South Park’ Horror-Inspired Episodes



It’s no secret that horror and humor go together perfectly. We’ve seen it in movies such as Evil Dead 2, Scream, Leprechaun, Child’s Play, and many more. So what happens when a TV show built upon satire and parody takes a stab (no pun intended) at horror? Well, you end up getting some of the funniest, and possibly most disturbing episodes to air on broadcast television. Here now are 10 horror inspired “South Park” episodes. Enjoy!

1. Marjorine (2005; ep.9-9)

The boys pretend to kill Butters in order to get him into a “girls only” slumber party. So what does Stephen Stotch do? Why, he basically follows Pet Sematary and buries “Butters'” body in a sacred Indian burial ground.

Best line of the episode: “Oh Butters, you smell like…bacon!

2. Korn’s Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery (1999; ep.3-12)

Even though it’s a complete “Scooby Doo” rip-off, that’s fine! “Scooby Doo” was inspired by horror all the time, so I see nothing wrong with them doing an homage. Plus, Korn does some of the most ridiculous voice-overs in a while.

Best line of the episode: “Yes, by now he’s probably removed her eyes and made love to the empty sockets as well.

3. Scott Tenorman Must Die (2001; ep.5-4)

Probably the cleverest episode the brains behind “South Park” have ever written, “Scott Tenorman Must Die” is basically a very simple retelling of Shakespeare’s “Titus;” it’s definitely one of the grimmest endings to a “South Park” episode. Ever.

Best line of the episode: “Eric! Are you training that pony to please you?

4. Cartman’s Incredible Gift (2004; ep.8-13)

Cartman hits his head and the police think he’s a psychic. What goes on next is a twist on Silence Of The Lambs/Red Dragon (Manhunter for you purists).

Best line of the episode: “I see you like cutting the eyes out of photos with women. My son is a big fan of that too.

5. Ginger Kids (2005; ep.9-11)

The boys turn Cartman into a ginger without his knowledge. So what does he do? Why, he convinces all the gingers to kidnap all the non-ginger kids and then kill them. I can’t think of a horror movie like this, except for Batman Returns, and that’s a stretch, but the episode gets really creepy when the gingers are out on the streets.

Best line of the episode: “Okay, that’s lunch kids. We’ll pick up with Clyde’s speech about lesbian cheerleaders after recess.

6. Night of the Living Homeless (2007; ep.11-7)

Do I really need to tell you what movie this gives homage to?

Best line of the episode: “Well I was thinking we could turn the homeless into tires. So that we could still have homeless but use them on our cars.

7. Woodland Critter Christmas (2004; ep.8-14)

Cartman writes a story for class and it ends up being about a group of Satanic animals that want to birth the Anti-Christ. It carries one of the best ending lines to a “South Park” episode.

Best line of the episode: “We’re still kids, we still have our baby teeth.

And our baby claws.

And a dead mom.

8. Britney’s New Look (2008; ep.12-2)

Britney Spears comes to South Park to get away from the paparazzi. What ends up happening? It’s basically a retelling of Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery”. There’s also an amazing reference to Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Best line of the episode: “We hadn’t told you about it Stanley because we like to wait until kids are a little older to talk to them about things like condoms and ritualistic human sacrifice for harvest.

9. The Ungroundable (2008; ep.12-14)

A scathing satire about the love of Twilight, this episode mocks the ever living hell out of wannabe Goth vampires. Yup, I’m all for it.

Best line of the episode: “Well mom, apparently Butters is gay, finds me very attractive and, confused about his sexual identity, puked up all over my floor.

10. The Wacky Molestation Adventure (2000; ep.4-16)

The kids tell the authorities that their parents (and everyone else) have molested them to get them out of South Park. End result: it’s Children of the Corn. While “Night of the Homeless” ranks as ONE of my favorite episodes, this episode is definitely in my Top 3.

Best line of the episode: “Okay, I’m scared now too. That freaked me out.


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