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Check This Band Out: Sigh



I found out about these guys not moments ago and I absolutely had to share them with you as they are PERFECT for the site! Allow me to introduce to you Sigh, a Japanese metal band that incorporates elements of eerie circus music, avant garde rock, wild theatricality, and so, so much more. They sound like the band that welcomes you on your descent into Hell, fire licking at your limbs and skeleton arms fighting to grab pieces off of your body.

A very brief history: The Tokyo-based band formed in 1990 and have since released two demos, four EP’s, and nine full length albums. They’ve been signed to Deathlike Silence Productions, Voices of Wonder Records, Cacophonous Records, Century Media Records, The End Records, and Candlelight Records (whew!). As of now, they’re in the studio working on their 10th full length album, Graveward. Their bio also states that their, “…show is truly theatrical and spectacular with lots of fire and blood.” Count me in!

Finnish label Blood Music will be releasing a remastered version of their 2005 album Gallows Gallery in the coming months.

Below I’ve included a stream of their 2010 album Scenes From Hell for you to check out, which I highly recommend! I know that I’m about to on one spiraling journey of musical craziness listening to these guys!

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