[From Worst To Best] Marilyn Manson's Albums!
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[Ranked] Marilyn Manson’s Albums!



“Mechanical Animals” (1998)


Mechanical Animals was a shock to the system, being that I was used to Manson’s heavy metal industrial blaze set afire across the nation/world. This was a truly defining moment in Manson’s career where he chose to create something unique and different, as opposed to recreating and retreading the success of Antichrist Superstar.

Mechanical Animals is a goddamn masterpiece that’s heavily influenced by David Bowie and Pink Floyd. There’s a beautiful sadness to the album, that feels like Manson’s self-reflection on the drugs, fame and price of it all.

While most observant fans will remember the album for “The Dope Show” and “I Don’t Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me)”, Animals to me will always be the best of Manson’s bed-time horror stories that are both soothing and mortifying. There’s nothing in his entire collective career that compares to songs such as “Great Big White World”, “The Last Day on Earth” and “Coma White”, all of which are available as alternate acoustic takes that are even more impressive than what’s on the album.

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