Who's The Best Slasher Killer?
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Who’s The Best Slasher Killer?



I’ve been avoiding this question because it’s just so damn loaded. See, the thing here is that there are many factors that one can use to say a slasher icon is “the best”. For some, it’s the number of kills. For others, it’s the character of the killer they are watching that makes them so appealing. For others still, it might not be the killer themselves but the carnage that they lay in their wake.

In the end, every person has their own slasher that they enjoy more than any other and that’s what I want to focus on today. This may be difficult but it’s time to ask the tough question: Who’s The Best Slasher?

To help you in this quest, I’ve included a few graphics in the next pages that offer some evidence and statistics for several iconic killers. It’s not mean to sway your opinion in the slightest, just to give you the chance to back up whatever choice you fall upon.

Now, get to commenting, make sure to upvote anyone who picks your choice, and let’s see who reigns supreme among the Bloody-Disgusting readers!

Note: The header image comes from artist Chris LaBrenz. Follow him on Instagram.

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