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Have You Ever Lied About Having Seen A Horror Movie?



Clockwork Orange Lied

I might receive a lot of backlash for writing this, but I believe in being in honest, so here it goes. Being a movie geek is a lot of fun, but have you ever come across a movie that is highly regarded that you just had no desire to see? Then, when you tell someone that you haven’t seen said movie, tone of two things happen. Either a) the person tell you how amazing it is ad nauseum or b) the person comments on how it’s blasphemy for you to be such a movie fan yet not have seen said movie. Sometimes, I just don’t want to hear it, so I lie and say that I’ve seen the film, and this happens the most when people ask me about Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation of Anthony Burgess’ novel A Clockwork Orange.

The idea for this post came from a fellow horror fan asking me if I had seen a particular Vincent Price movie. I (unfortunately) have not seen any Vincent Price movies. I know that I may have completely lost some of you with this statement, but it’s true. I fully plan on getting around to them at some point in my life, though. That being said, this person verbally assaulted me for never having seen a Vincent Price movie. Assaulted may be too strong a word, but it was definitely a lecture!

Situations like this happen mostly when I am asked about A Clockwork Orange, a film I have never seen. Someone will ask if I have seen it and my response will immediately be: “Oh yeah, I love it.” End of story. Now, I know the easy thing to do would be to just watch the damn movie, but if I’m being honest (and as I’ve said, I’m all about honesty) I have no desire to whatsoever. I keep telling myself that I have to be in the right mindset to watch it, but I never find myself in that mindset. I’ve even tried (and failed) to read the book!So I just lie and say that I’ve seen it and the conversation can move on to the next topic.

With that in mind, I started thinking about how often I’ve done this. Clearly, it means that I have a lot of movies that I should watch at some point in my life (don’t think I’m a bad horror fan. I’ve seen a lot of the classics, but I’m just highlighting the “big ones” that I haven’t seen). I also started wondering if anyone else has done this.

I realize the irony in this post, since I talk about believing in honest but the entire subject of the post is about how I lie. It is what it is though. What I want to know is: have any of you have ever done this? Or am I just crazy? Surely, there has to be a movie that you just tell other movie buffs you’ve seen so you won’t have to listen to a lecture. Let me know what your answer is in the comments below!