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Which Horror Video Games Did You Grow Up Playing?



I don’t know how it was for a lot of you but for me I spent a lot of my childhood playing video games, either alone or with my friends. I cut my teeth on the original Nintendo, the 8-Bit NES. However, I was also part of the “PC Master Race”, playing tons of computer games whenever I had the opportunity.

I want to see which games you all played when you were growing up to see what kinds of generations we’ve got here on Bloody-Disgusting. To make this easier, I’m capping the age at 12. If a game came out when you were a teenager, it doesn’t count towards games played while growing up.

For me that sucks because then I can’t talk about Clive Barker’s Undying, American McGee’s Alice, Sanitarium, Phantasmagoria II: A Puzzle Of The Flesh, and more. However, I still played some awesome horror games before those years and I’m sharing them ahead!

Let me know your titles in the comments!

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