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10 Horror Films Released In February That Were Actually Good!



February Horror Movies

As many of you may know, February (along with January) has a bad rap for being the dumping ground for horror films. It has historically been a slower month for the box office with the exception of the Oscar nominees that get an extra push right before the awards air (unless you’re Deadpool). Because of that, studios use February as their opportunity to get rid of some lesser-quality films for a quick buck. This is especially true for any studio that has a horror film collecting dust on the shelf. Films like The Last Exorcism Part II, Hannibal Rising, The Lazarus Effect, the remake of The Eye and many others get released in this awful month for horror-thirsty moviegoers. We have been fortunate enough to get two good horror films this February in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (What? I thought it was a lot of fun!) and The Witch. Since we here at Bloody Disgusting hope that starts a new trend for February releases, we decided to look back over the years at some February horror releases that are actually good! Here are 10 well-regarded horror films that saw a February release.

The Stepford Wives (February 12, 1975)

First of all, if you cry that The Stepford Wives, Bryan Forbes’ brilliant adaptation of Ira Levin’s (Rosemary’s Baby) novel, isn’t a horror movie, then you clearly haven’t seen it. The 2004 remake may have taken the satire and turned it into slapstick, but the 1975 film is pure horror. The scene where Joanna finds her double is absolutely terrifying.

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