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5 Hilarious Moments from Bollywood’s ‘Evil Dead’ Rip-Off



While Bollywood has a thriving movie industry in its own right, its not above blatantly ripping-off American successes. The weird thing about Bach Ke Zara is that, unlike most foreign exploitation pictures which aim to capitalize on a timely craze, the film was produced in 2008, nearly 30 years after Sam Raimi’s original. Though you wouldn’t know it to look at it.

Like Evil Dead, Bach Ke Zara follows a group of teens who uncover an evil book of the dead and unleash an ancient evil. Also like Evil Dead, well, everything else.

The following are my favorite moments from this oddity of foreign cinema.

Shut up, you rascal!

In this scene, one of the film’s supporting players has had it up to here with a Hindi Deadite.

So much crying

Just like Ash, Bach Ke Zara‘s  main character gets real emotional after killing his possessed girlfriend. Like, really, really emotional.

The slap

It’s at :26. You can’t miss it (get it?).

Tree Attack

Hmmm. Bach Ke Zara‘s replication of Evil Dead‘s most notorious scene doesn’t quite live up to the original. Having said that, some of the film’s best visual effects are on display here.

Break it down!

Since it’s a Bollywood movie, you know the characters are going to break out in song, right? Wrong. In Bach Ke Zara the filmmakers just inserted a pop hit in the middle of the movie. None of the characters or locations appear.

That’s all, folks!

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