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Stephen King Books Only the Richest Fans Can Afford



With some of Stephen King’s most popular books hitting the big and small screen including The Dark Tower, IT, Gerald’s Game, Mr. Mercedes and 1922, to name only a few, it’s hard to imagine ever having to actually read anything the man’s written again. Of course, there are still rabid King fans out there eagerly awaiting his next book. And while the argument about what makes someone more of a King fan than someone else might rage on, there is no argument that some fans just have deeper pockets than others.

Here we look at some of the rarest editions of King’s books and just how pricey it can get to get your hands on a copy of your favorite King collectible.

Firestarter (Asbestos Bound Edition)

Considered the holiest of grails for some King collectors, this very rare asbestos-bound edition of Stephen King’s “Firestarter” can be found online selling for as much as $23,867.50!

The edition was published by Phantasia Press in 1980 and is the first “special edition” of a Stephen King novel. It is rumored that only 25 lettered copies were printed and signed by the Stephen King.

The Plant

“The Plant” is an unfinished serial novel published by Stephen King in 1982–85. It was written privately, not for a publisher, King playfully distributing some of the story to friends as Christmas cards.

King’s Philtrum Press produced the above three installments before the story was ultimately shelved, but these original editions are incredibly sought-after collector’s items now, the set currently going for $14,000 USD.

The Stand (Coffin Box Edition)

Doubleday published this wonderfully macabre leather-bound edition of “The Stand” in 1990. Titled The Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition  it was limited to 1,250 numbered copies and 52 lettered copies. The edition has famously been referred to as the “coffin edition” as it comes housed in an ominous black wooden case.

If you’re lucky enough to find copies in good condition, they can run anywhere between $2,000 to 13,000 USD.

The Gunslinger (Limited First Print)

It took Stephen King more than twelve years to finish his first novel in what’s become known as The Dark Tower series. The book was first published by Donald M. Grant Publishers as a limited edition book in 1982 where only 10,000 copies of it were published. As you can imagine the book quickly sold out. When the novel Pet Sematary listed “The Dark Tower” in the front flap as a previous work, fans reportedly started calling Doubleday wondering where on earth the book was available.

This flash demand is what led to another print run and the increase in popularity. But this first edition version is very sought after and very rare with copies in good condition usually selling for $10,000 USD.

The Talisman (Clothbound Collection)

If you’ve got a few thousand dollars lying around you could throw them at a copy of this clothbound beauty, one of only 1200 printed and lettered by King himself. Something about The Talisman seems to make every alternative version I see pricey, but this one seems to be truly coveted by King fans out there.

Creepshow (Shooting Script)

I stumbled upon this pretty incredible item for sale and decided to include it in this list. While not a novel, this original Creepshow screenplay dated 1979 is no less rare.

Signed by Stephen King, it comes in a leather-bound folder and is available from one seller for a mere $2,000 starting bid.