Mr. Wing and Gizmo Preach Proper Teenage Care In This 'Gremlins' Anti-Drug and Alcohol PSA - Bloody Disgusting
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Remember when we had those weird PSA announcements in between those now retired, amazing Saturday morning cartoons back in the day? Chances are if you’re a product of the ‘80s, you know exactly what I’m referring to. Little segments starring Smokey the Bear, stranger danger warnings, and the infamous “This is your brain on drugs” frying pan and eggs gem ads were inescapable. Admit it, every time you saw an egg drop onto a skillet, it was difficult to not think of the anti-drug warnings about melted brains. Hell, that one, in particular, was etched so deep into our minds it became the subject for countless parodies in entertainment; even till this day 30 years later. Some jokes just never get tired I suppose.

All funniness aside, I won’t argue that the messages weren’t of importance and, let’s face it, clever as hell. Using A-list celebrities and people of notoriety to pass along the drug and booze educational memos to Generation X most certainly got our attention quicker than some random douche. The star-power for bringing awareness to dangerous situations to our fragile little minds of yesteryear in 30 seconds or less wasn’t an uncommon thing by any means. And in 1984, those mischievous Gremlins were no exception.

We’ve all been there and you damn well know that teenagers and gremlins have much in common with each other. They tamper and wreck your valuable shit, utter complete nonsense half the time, and for the love of God, never feed those beasts after midnight (if you want to keep the bathroom clean). Mr. Wing and little Gizmo seem to get this. In 1984, on the heels of the film’s release, they passed along this message regarding teens, drugs, and the bottle.

The commercial made by the N.S.W. Police Community Relations Bureau features Gizmo and his adopted father, the honorable and wise Mr. Wing, on how to properly feed and care for your budding teenagers. With also, of course, using various clips from the film highlighting Gizmo’s accidental offspring as shining examples of unacceptable debauchery.  With the holiday get-togethers and New Year’s parties just around the corner, what better time to dig up this wonderful lost treasure from the decade of D.A.R.E?