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Remember When ‘Beyond Re-Animator’ Begged You to “Move Your Dead Bones”?!



Fifteen years ago, director Brian Yuzna (Society, Bride of Re-Animator) jumped back behind the camera to helm the third film in the Re-Animator saga that he’d begun with filmmaking partner Stuart Gordon so many years ago. That film, Beyond Re-Animator, did not go on to garner the same “classic” status as the previous films. This time out, Dr. Herbert West has found himself a new batch of warm bodies for his experiments once he’s let loose on a high security prison along with its ill-fated inmates and wardens. The final third descends into utter chaos as West’s lab rats (some quite literally) go berserk and set the stage for a brutal prison riot. Overall, Beyond is a fun time that certainly doesn’t reach the heights of its predecessors but still feels comfortably at home within the Re-Animator franchise. A fourth film to be directed by Gordon, House of Re-Animator, would have seen West taking over the Oval Office and then President Bush. That never came to fruition. Though, I’d be game to see what a West/Trump combo might look like.

While the critical and fan reception for Beyond may have been tepid, its legacy has been bolstered by one truly bizarre addition to the film’s home video release – a music video. For anyone who has witnessed this slice of head scratching Eurodance cross marketing, you’ve surely never forgotten it. “Move your dead bones, bones, bones. You’ll dance for the rest of your life. Re-Animate your feet!” That’s only but a small taste of the poetic lyricism on display here, folks. I’ll never forget perusing the special features on the Beyond Re-Animator DVD only to land on this obscure oddity, “Move Your Dead Bones.” The song is performed by none other than Dr. Re-Animator, naturally. It features a plethora of clips from the film itself interspersed with the overly suave Dr. Re-Animator dancing about in sexy-scrubs while waving around a hypodermic filled with reagent. For those who’ve been sleeping on this hidden gem for the last fifteen year – here, you’re more than welcome.

I’ve tried to find more information on just how something like this came to be, but there hasn’t been much luck in that department. What I did discover was just how deep the legacy of this particular song goes. Apparently, it became quite popular amongst the Furry community. For those not in the know of what a “Furry” is, Wikipedia breaks it down like this:

“The furry fandom is a subculture interested in fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. Examples of anthropomorphic attributes include exhibiting human intelligence and facial expressions, speaking, walking on two legs, and wearing clothes.”

In 2005, an artist who presented herself under the pseudonym of Zarla and was only ever pictured as her avatar (a red fox) released a flash animation set to the tune of “Move Your Dead Bones.” In the strange clip that appears to be an ode to fan-fic, Zarla the Fox can can be seen dancing with various fictional characters from Silent Hill, Harry Potter, and Super Metroid. It took Arcturus Kirwin to help launch the clip’s popularity amongst other Furries. Arcturus has been a vocal member of the Furry community having developed and admined several of the community’s websites. She blogged about Zarla’s video on LiveJournal, it got reposted on the forums, and blew up from there.

The song has been performed live at several Furry conventions and continues to be popular amongst the fandom. I’ve got to admit, all of this came as quite the surprise to me when I set out to do my research for this track. Though, I remember having a friend who had no idea what Beyond Re-Animator was, yet he knew every word to “Move Your Dead Bones.” After the interesting things I discovered about him later, his knowledge of this song makes a whole lot of sense in retrospect. Annnnyway! In terms of the recording itself, I was able to uncover the David Lyme was the song’s writer/producer. Lyme had an extremely successful career throughout the late 80s/early 90s in the Italo-disco realm. He now writes music for other artists as well as promotional tracks for corporations. Perhaps he was hired by Fantastic Factory (Beyond’s production company) to craft a hit song to help market the film? We may never know. What will always ring true, though, is if I “give you some green color, you will ask for mo’. You will see that you never felt this way before!”

Alright, fiends – celebrate 15 years of Beyond Re-Animator and “move your dead bones!”


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