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[#DOOM25] 6 Crazy and Creative Ways You Can Play ‘DOOM’



Who says video games can only be played on computers and consoles? There are mad minds in this world that have found ways of playing some of our favorite video games on the most peculiar of devices. In particular, DOOM has found itself played on a number of devices that will easily get you scratching your head (and figuring out where to pull the trigger).

Here’s a list of the weirdest and coolest places people have played DOOM!

Kodak Camera

Have you ever been up early enough to catch the sunrise? You look out to the horizon, witnessing this immense ball of fiery orange and red coming over the clouds. You pull out your old Kodak camera, ready to capture this beautiful moment. And as you pull the camera towards your face, there’s a demon right on the screen!

Such an experience is possible, given how one group worked together to port DOOM to an early 2000s Kodak model digital camera.

ATM Machine

A group down in Australia worked together to configure an ATM’s system to run DOOM a couple of years ago. They were able to make it so the machine’s buttons would respond to the game’s control inputs; it’s pretty convenient if you think of having one button to click away at demons and your savings.


Thanks to the folks in Canon’s IT department, it’s possible to play DOOM on a Canon Pixma Inkjet printer. Due to the system’s low security, it’s possible to print out all those essay pages you’ve been working on while running through hell.


Those demons are toast …. Yes, I had to. So technically you’re still using your computer set up to play the game, but with some wiring and coding, you can now bring a toaster into the action. With perfect timing, the toaster switch becomes your trigger to annihilating anything in your path.

Old iPod

By installing Linux and the plugin “RockDoom” via Rockbox, you could use the classic iPod’s click wheel to control DOOM. This makes for a great way to sit back, throw on your favorite Slayer track, and get the adrenaline pumping while you plow down hellions.


Not only can you make beautiful art through music, but now you can play classical tunes alongside digital carnage. By integrating a computer screen into a piano, a group of developers was able to make it so that the piano keys would allow players to move and shoot throughout DOOM. So whether you’re playing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” or Pachabel’s “Canon in D minor”, you’ll have a merry time traveling through every hellish dungeon.

Where are some cool places you’ve played DOOM?

Michael Pementel is a pop culture critic at Bloody Disgusting, primarily covering video games and anime. He writes about music for other publications, and is the creator of Bloody Disgusting's "Anime Horrors" column.


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